STEM training application

STEM training application

STEM education is a teaching program based on the idea of ​​educating students as producers and inventors in an interdisciplinary and practical approach in four areas (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). STEM training integrates these four disciplines into a harmonious learning paradigm, which is based on real world production practices, rather than teaching them as separate subjects.

For example; STEM education activities by students of science, technology, engineering and mathematics processes by using a solar-powered tomato collection can be made of agricultural robots. In this process;

As a science activity, students can conduct course activities that enable them to explore the laws of science that constitute this agricultural robot.

As mathematics activity, students can create mathematical formulas by experimenting and observing the laws that they discover, preparing their data and preparing graphics.

As engineering activity, students can explore the laws of science, mathematical formulas, electrical electronics, computer coding information, etc. using the agricultural robot can produce a project process.

As a technology activity, students can realize the cycle of problem determination, group work, project-prototype development, trial-and-error, evaluation, sharing, promotion, rethinking, redesign processes for farmers to use the agricultural robot they produce.