STEM MAKER teacher training

STEM MAKER teacher training

STEM Maker Teacher Training for teachers, teacher candidates and all Maker enthusiasts in collaboration with the Academy of Robotics Education.

With this training program, it is aimed that the participants will meet with the world of STEM Maker, learn different arduino supported robotic applications suitable for each age group, understand mechanical and electronic design, project design and programming methods.

The trainings are supported by international STEM-supported curricula and are explained in the easiest way by everyone and in every age group.

Stem Maker and Arduino are specially designed for STEM Maker trainers, and the application textbooks, sample application programs and one DVD are provided free of charge to educators.


> What is a Maker? Information about maker movement and application examples.

> What is STEM? How STEM-supported training should be. Introduction to the world of STEM education. Information such as teaching and application methods

> Information on the industrial revolution in the 21st century industry 4.0

> What is computational thinking? Why should we think computationally? Computational thinking

> Methods of developing students’ analysis and problem solving skills

> Basic Electrical and Electronic Information

> Introduction to intelligent device design and programming

> What is a computer? Basic information about microprocessors

> What is coding? Basic information about Block coding and Line coding types. Application examples from schools

> What is Arduino? What can be done with Arduino? What are Arduino Varieties? General information, computer installation and the correct use of the participants in the world to enter the arduino and simple applications are aimed to learn

> Using Breadboard for electronic designs. Examples of electronic circuit preparation

> Introduction to coding training for robotics and electronic applications. Learning the coding commands to be used and making sample applications.

> Tubitak etc. Basic information about science project competitions and participation.

> Use of Makey Makey electronic kits and examples of interactive prepared applications.


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