Stem events

Stem events

Stem is a word (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) formed from the initials of science, technology, engineering and math. It is shown as a method of education of the 21st century, and many developed countries have started to provide systematic Stem training in their schools. In our country, although a series of breakthroughs have been made to be clear, neither the administrators nor the teachers have mastered the issue. Unfortunately, many of our shortcomings. Among the OECD countries, we are in the Stem training rankings, unfortunately.

The aim of stem training is to enable children to learn and work interdisciplinary. To remove learning from an obligation and make it part of their lives. To make them like this. This is the only way to prepare children for the future.

Even when we think about cooking in simple terms, we actually benefit from many disciplines. Let’s just say you have a small example of that.

When you cook, you supply the ingredients first. When you put it in the pot, you should place the food until it boils. This is engineering. You should pay attention to the ratio of salt to sugar. It is very important to put 1 spoon or 2 spoons of salt. This is mathematics. You’re gonna cook on low heat or high heat? Or are you going to shorten it later? That’s where technology comes in. For example, the food started to boil, and they spit them out. If you put a metal spoon inside, it will also go through the bubbling. This is science. You see, every day we do, even in an ordinary event, regardless of what multi-disciplinary use of awareness. This is how children will learn and benefit from disciplines. Because nowadays it is not enough to specialize in an area. If you want to succeed, you must melt a few disciplines in the same pot. To understand obesity, you should benefit from nutrition science, chemistry and even biomechanics. You cannot understand obesity in a single area. This is exactly why universities, artists, engineers, basic scientists are trying to gather in the same building abroad. Students get in touch with each other so that they can be more useful individuals.

We should do this exactly in elementary school, middle school and high school so that we can reach the speed of the 21st century. Otherwise, it’s hard. You can prepare your children’s future by making various Stem activities for our primary school children.


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