Stem Education in Preschool Education

Stem Education in Preschool Education
I find it very pleasing that the importance of preschool education increases day by day. It is extremely important that old insights are replaced by world-class programs and approaches. Preschool education, which has been described as care for a long time in our country, has now become a basic level approach that has been carried forward. It was realized how important the necessity of adapting the approaches used in upper levels to preschool education was building the future.

Stem studies

We focused on how our children can solve the problem in real life using mathematics, science and technology. When it comes to pre-school, we also added some emotions. We have made studies on how to adapt Stem studies to Preschool Education without considering the principle of adımlar tiny steps ğ that I emphasize on the young people who have new knowledge and skills. In this direction, our primary step as a starting point in pre-school education was to prepare activities to improve the skills of children to solve problems in different disciplines. For this, we prepared weekend studies that should use all of these dynamics and wanted the child to think about having fun at the same time by supporting multiple development areas. These studies, which carry a different point of view, require the child to focus on the whole page while doing so ‘how many, what color, what did you feel, remember your old knowledge, if you were, imagine. and to direct the child to think and use his / her knowledge and skills.

My observation is that the children reach a skill that is more careful, questioning and can discover more than one detail after these practices.

We can respond to the needs of the developing world only by following the developments, adapting, trying to develop and adapting to the new world. I think STEM works shed light on the growth of new world people.

For this reason, with these studies, I hope to have educated individuals who shape, think, produce, develop different perspectives, and who do not see by taking the first steps from pre-school.