STEM Education for Secondary School Teachers

STEM Education

STEM Education for Secondary School Teachers

The MOOC aims to provide basic skills and knowledge from isolated Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics courses for secondary school teachers (including lower secondary education: 12-14 years and high school: 15-19 years). A true integrated STEM teaching of these topics. And not just among themselves, but with all other disciplines. You will also be able to explore sample STE (A) M integrated lesson plans created and tested by other teachers and many more related resources.

In this MOOC, you will:

Focus and learn about STEM integrated teaching approaches
Learn about innovative pedagogies
Contextualize STEM knowledge through industry-education cooperation
Explore STEM careers and the skills needed for these careers

Module 1: Introduction to integrated STE(Α)M teaching & relevant pedagogies
Module 2: STEM subjects and how STEM careers are contextualized at school
Module 3: Examples of Integrated STEM teaching and Learning Scenarios
Module 4: Create your learning scenario and peer-assessment

n order to earn a course certificate, course participants need to pass all the quizzes, submit learning scenario and review three lesson plans of other participants. The final deadline to complete all activities is 02 December 2020, 23:59 CEST. In order to receive the certificate, the participation in the quizzes will count for 15%, and the learning scenario together with the peer reviews will count for 85%. The overall passing grade is 95%.