Purpose of the Competition:

The aim of the STEM: Integrated Teacher Training Project is to contribute to the professional development of science and mathematics teachers at Bahçeşehir University Teacher Professional Development, Application and Research Center (ÖGAM – BAUSTEM). For this purpose, the second of the STEM Course Plan Competition is organized in order to determine the most outstanding lesson plans to be included in the INTEACH portal (, which is open to the use of all our teachers and emphasizes innovative methods.

After the evaluation by an expert team, the lesson plans to be selected will be shared clearly on the Internet with the names of teachers and schools. Various awards will be presented to our teachers, who produce high-quality lesson plans. The most outstanding lesson plans can be published in the book series ”STEM Theory and Applications En.

Teacher Awards:

• Airblock for 1 teacher

• TI 84 Calculator for 1 teacher + TI HUB

• K’nex Building Set for 3 teachers

• Technology kits within the framework of ROBOTISTAN Special Awards for 5 teachers,

• 20 of our teachers will be presented with the online membership of STEM & Maker magazine.

All course plans that have passed the preliminary evaluation will be included in the INTEACH portal.
A plaque of thanks will be given to the school administrator who has been sent the most course plan that has passed the preliminary evaluation.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Science or mathematics at secondary level; Teachers in all public and private schools entering biology, physics, chemistry or mathematics at the upper secondary level can participate in the competition individually.

2. The course plans should be developed in accordance with STEM Course Plan Template.

3. STEM lesson plans must be implemented by teachers in their own schools before being sent to the competition. After the application, the lesson plans should be sent together with the Teacher Self Assessment Form.

4. Teachers declare that all lesson plans they send to the competition are publicly published in the INTEACH portal and that they know that they cite the source of the lesson plans only in accordance with the rules of fair use and that they will be responsible in case of plagiarism.


STEM Course Plan Template, followed by Teacher Self Assessment Form; written in fluent Turkish; In .docx format, all lesson plans prepared in a regular layout with a file size of not more than 5MB will be evaluated in the context of the following four main criteria and the results will be announced on

Lesson Plans will be evaluated within the framework of STEM: Principles of Integrated Teaching Framework. These principles can be briefly summarized as follows:

• Equality: Addressing the readiness of each student;

• Interdisciplinarity: Ability to include interdisciplinary practices without neglecting the knowledge and skills of the main discipline;

• Depth in the Field: Supporting the knowledge and skills of the branch in the center while at the same time being able to have depth and authenticity beyond the curriculum;

• Relevance: Being able to relate to experiences of students and teachers in contexts related to 21st century life.