simSchool is a classroom simulation that supports the rapid accumulation of a teacher’s experience in analyzing student differences, adapting instruction to individual learner needs, gathering data about the impacts of instruction, and seeing the results of their teaching.

simSchool is like a “flight simulator” for educators – a place where instructors can explore instructional strategies, examine classroom management techniques, and practice building relationships with students that will translate into increased learning.


Results of teachers experience are real, measureable, and include:

•improvement in general teaching skill
•improved confidence in using technology
•increased belief that the teacher has the skills and ability to make a difference in a child’s life
•improvement in pre-service teachers’ performance in teacher preparation courses and attitudes toward inclusion of special needs students
•significant positive impact on the mastery of deeper learning capacities that comprise the readiness to teach
•increased “staying power” on the path to the field of teaching acquired through rapid development of strong self-efficacy and resilience
In these ways and more, simSchool enables transformational experiences for teachers to help them become more effective leaders in their classrooms and learning communities.