Şehrimin Tarihi Yerlerini Geziyorum Etwinning Project Şehrimi Taniyorum

Şehrimin Tarihi Yerlerini Geziyorum Etwinning Project Şehrimi Taniyorum / I Visit The Historical Places Of My City, I Get To Know My City proposes a trip for students for 8 weeks.
Through this project the students explored both the city where they live and the history of the city, the historical places where they live. The students made virtual tours of museums in our country or project partners by including various web tools.

During the cooperation, each of the partner schools researched the city where they live, made a list of museums together with the historical places in the city, all the project partners and – presented the cities so that the students involved know the countries involved, to know from the history of the cities concerned.

Virtual tours were organized in museums in Turkey / Azerbaijan, but also in Romania.
As my first virtual trip, I visited Göbeklitepe virtually. Then, doing research, I shared photos, pictures, poems, posters, etc.

The subject of the second virtual tour was Azerbaijan. In this context, I did the virtual tour first. Then I turned the photo into a historic place that I chose into a puzzle. After combining the puzzle, we organized various activities related to Azerbaijan and prepared our panel.

The subject of the third virtual tour was Romania. In this context, we first did our virtual tour with the students. Then, we created a cloud of words with our students about Romania and its cities. We painted our clouds with words. We hung clouds of words, photos and text on our board.

I created a calendar in Canva about Istanbul, and on Turkish Republic Day a collaborative panel was created using Blockposter and Quiver, but posters and congratulations.
Together with our project partners we shared the poem “All the flowers of the world”. We organized our virtual exhibition within the event “I know a famous person of my city”. Together with the students we established an important personality of our city. After researching the image of the personality, the students drew cartoons about the person in question.

As a final product of the project, the character Bilgin and the flying horse were voted, becoming the character of a book in Storyjumper about the places visited in the project.
Visiting museums, the project provided a wonderful experience for children, along with their parents, to learn new things, to discover beautiful places with the help of the Internet, to visit museums and to learn about historical monuments.

The children together with their parents became more aware of the museum education, the history of the places, as well as the culture of the society in which both they and their fellow project partners live.


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