Seed Orchards and Breeding Theory Conference

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce you “Seed Orchards and Breeding Theory Conference” to be held by Suleyman Demirel University in Egirdir, Isparta, Turkey, between 21 and 25 of May, 2012. This international conference is organized to share and discuss the recent developments and data on seed orchards, improved seed materials and its using in forestry, and also breeding theory. We hope the conference will give valuable contribution to seed orchards and breeding theory in Forestry. The Official Language of the meeting will be English. There will be no translation from English into Turkish or from Turkish into English.

We look forward to see you in the Conference.

Sincerely yours on behalf of organizing committee,

Nebi Bilir (Conference secretary, PhD. in Forest Genetics)

Important note: Deadline of POSTER submission was extended lates by 31 January 2012

Honorary Chairman

Prof. Dr. Hasan Ibicioglu
Rector of Suleyman Demirel University


Prof. Dr. Cahit Balabanli
Dean of Faculty of Forestry

Official Organizing Committee

Dr. Evi Alizoti: Aristotle University, Greece
Dr. Nebi Bilir: Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey
Prof. Dr. Yousry A. El-Kassaby: University of British Columbia, Canada
Dr. Kyu-Suk Kang: Korea Forest Research Institute, Republic of Korea
Prof. Dr. Dag Lindgren: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Dr. Milan Lstiburek: Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic
Dr. David Reid: Ministry of Forests and Range, Canada
Local Organizing Committee

Dr. A. Betul Avci: Suleyman Demirel University
Dr. Alper Babalik Suleyman Demirel University
Dr. Nebi Bilir: Chair, Suleyman Demirel University
Mr. M. Sait Yorulmaz: Director of Isparta Forest District
Mr. Suleyman Isik Derilgen: Director of Forest Tree Seeds and Tree Breeding Research Directorate
Mrs. Hatice Altay: Website authorized, Suleyman Demirel University
Dr. Ismail Dutkuner: Suleyman Demirel University
Dr. U. Erhan Erol: Suleyman Demirel University
Mr. Ali Gokcol: Director of Antalya Forest District
Dr. Volkan Kucuk: Suleyman Demirel University
Dr. Sukran Kuleasan: Suleyman Demirel University
Dr. Oguzhan Sarikaya: Suleyman Demirel University
Dr. Nilufer Yazici: Suleyman Demirel University
Mr. Ali Yildirim: Director of Mugla Forest District

Tentative Program

 MAY 21 
08.00-10.20  Registration and Opening speech 
10.20-12.00  Presentations 
12.10-13.15  Lunch 
13.15-16.35  Presentations 
17.00-…  Field excursion (Kasnak Oak National Park ) 
20.00-…  Welcome Dinner 
 MAY 22 
09.00-12.15  Presentations 
12.15-13.30  Lunch 
14.00-…  Social Event (Psidia Antiokheia) 
 MAY 23 
09.00-12.15  Presentations 
12.15-13.30  Lunch 
13.30-14.45  Presentations 
15.10-19.00  Social Event (Visit to University, memorial seedling plantation to Botanical garden; Sequoias) 
 MAY 24 
7.30-…  Social Event (Antalya: Kemer; Olympos National Park; Tahtali; Demre/Myra) 
 MAY 25 
09.00-12.15  Presentations 
12.15-13.30  Lunch 
13.30- 18.00  Free time; City trip in Isparta 
19.00-…  Farewell dinner 
 MAY 26 & 27 * 
Social Event: Pamukkale (Denizli); Afrodisias (Denizli); Ephesus (Izmir); Virgin Mary (Izmir) 
* ; Except of the Conference, 250 Euro/per person; if there are enough participants (more than 15).
Abstract submission: between 15 May 2011 and 15 November 2011 (please look related documents for abstract preparing) . Deadline of POSTER submission was extended lates by 31 January 2012.

Information of abstract evaluation: lates by 15 December 2011

Submission of registration form and Payment of registration fee: lates by 15 February 2012 (please fill in the related documents)

Submission of arriving details: lates by 15 April 2012 (Please fill in the related documents)

Dr. Nebi Bilir, Atabey Vocational School (Atabey MYO), Suleyman Demirel University, 32670, Atabey- Isparta, Turkey


Dr. Nebi Bilir, Forestry Faculty (Orman Fakultesi), Suleyman Demirel University, 32260, Isparta, Turkey

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