SciChallenge is a European-wide contest for young people, who are excited about NATURAL SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING or MATHEMATICS

You can choose a topic from our 50 topic sheets or you can also work on a topic of your choice and create a poster, a presentation or a video.

After you have submitted your poster, presentation or video, you will have the chance to get invited to the final award event in Vienna.

The SciChallenge contest is aiming at young people, who are either between 10 to 14 years or 15 to 20 years old (pre-university only).
Single individuals or groups that include a maximum three persons can participate in the contest.
Participation is open to residents of a Member State of the European Union.
The topic of your application has to cover one of the following fields: Natural Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.
The topics for contributions can be based on one of the SciChallenge 50 topic sheets
Alternatively, participants choose an alternative STEM-topic (Open STEM-Category)
Applications can be done in different formats (Poster, Presentation or Video)
The contributions have to be uploaded on Slideshare or YouTube
Use #scichallenge2017 has to be included in the title and description
Participants register on the SciChallenge platform and submit their contribution for the contest.
The contest is open for submissions between the 1st of January and 30th of April 2017.
The rating will consist of a combined online community rating and a jury rating.
The 12 best contributions will be invited to the Award Event in Vienna in July 2017, where they present their posters, presentations and videos.
Please check the SciChallenge Toolkits for more detailed information.
Before submitting your contribution, please read the SciChallenge COPYRIGHT AND SECURITY DISCLAMERS.
Participants younger than 15 years need to register together with a parents, legal guardian or teacher. STEM


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