Sabancı University School of Languages Conference

Sabancı University School of Languages Conference
4-5 May 2018 Istanbul, TURKEY


What inspires us in our language education practices? What drives us to learn more as teachers and learners?

How often can we spare time from our busy schedules to contemplate the pathways we have followed?

Here is the opportunity for us to reflect on our personal and professional development by:

reflecting on the experiences that have inspired us along the way
sharing our discoveries about teaching and learning
learning from our achievements and ‘failures’
building on our strengths and ‘weaknesses’
exploring our philosophies of teaching and learning
drawing inspirations from our stories

Join us for an introspective journey into our personal and professional pathways!

The conference will focus on the following key themes:

Assessment processes
Curriculum development
Critical thinking
Feedback from learners
Learning from ‘success’ and ‘failure’
Learner autonomy
Personal / professional development
Principles, practices and processes in language learning
Research with learners
Technology and digital literacy in language learning

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Call for proposals starting date: 10th October, 2017

Closing date for proposals: 20th December, 2017

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Sabanci University!

With kind regards,

The Organising Committee

Conference Committee

Berna Akpınar Arslan is currently working an instructor and a member of the Curriculum and Assessment Team at Sabancı University School of Languages. She received her BA in Foreign Language Education from METU in 2000. She worked in Bilkent University School of English Language (BUSEL) between 2000-2008 and received COTE, DELTA and MA in Management in Education there. She fulfilled assessment, curriculum and management related responsibilities at Bilkent University. Between 2008-2011 she was an active member of the foundation team of Özyeğin University and worked as the Head of Curriculum and Assessment carrying out a variety of tasks involving the establishment and management of curriculum and assessment system. She has been working at Sabancı University since 2011 and involved in teaching, curriculum and assessment related tasks.

Ebru Özgür Katı is currently working as an Administrative Processes Specialist at Sabancı University School of Languages. She received her BA in Business, from Dumlupinar University in and VSD from Anadolu University, Human Resources in 2011. She is involved in various tasks including academic performance review process, budget (planning, payments & purchasing), communication with Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Purchasing, Marketing and Institutional Communications, Consultants, as well as carrying out conference and project organizations ( SLTEP, SL International conferences), recruitment and orientation processes, social event organizations and Social Committee support and other related tasks.

Görkem Satak is an EAP instructor and a member of the Curriculum and Assessment team at Sabancı University, Turkey. She acquired her BA degree in American Literature from Istanbul University and MA degree in English from Long Island University. She is currently doing her Ph.D. degree on Curriculum and Instruction at Yeditepe University. Her research interests are curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, educational philosophies and learning theories.

Jonathan M.G. Smith has 25 years of teaching experience in Turkey and Morocco, mainly in teaching English for academic purposes. He has been an instructor at Sabancı University, School of Languages since 2003 and has been involved in both curriculum development and assessment, and is currently from is a coordinator of the English of Maths and Science course. He graduated from the University of St. Andrews. He has the RSA Diploma and an MAppLing in teaching ESP from Macquarie University. He is interested in teaching lexis, scientific discourse, academic writing and study skills. He is also a member of the organising team of the Forum on Curricular Issues (FOCI), a gathering of curriculum professionals from universities in Turkey and Northern Cyprus preparing learners for academic studies in English.

Meral Güçeri has a PhD in Educational Sciences, an MSc in TEFL, a BA in TEFL and a BA in Linguistics. Her teacher training experience includes pre-service and in-service teacher training not only for university instructors but also for primary and secondary school teachers. Meral has run numerous teacher training course and actively involved in SLTEP (Sabancı University School of Languages Teacher Education Program) for teachers and educational administrators. She has not only taught ELT Methodology and Practicum course but also got involved in Certificate of Pedagogic Formation Program. Dr Güçeri also has international teaching and teacher training experience in Poland, Finland, Austria and Portugal. She is interested in professional development, teacher education, educational administration and research.

Merve Karabulut graduated from METU English Language Teaching in 1998 and has been teaching since then. She worked at Bilkent University, Ankara for six years during which she took part in assessment design, test administration and syllabus revision projects. Since 2004, she has been working at Sabancı University School of Languages, Istanbul, where apart from teaching; she helps with exam production and administration as well as other assessment issues.

Yasemin Bancıoğlu Göyer is currently working as an Administrative Affairs Officer at Sabancı University School of Languages. She received her BA in Business, from Dumlupinar University. She is involved in various tasks including arranging meetings for SL Director, admin support for student issues, training projects, SLTEP, SL International conference organizations, archive work, SL admin calender organization ( smartsheet), ELAE work (stationery packs, and communication with other units related to exam hall organization), Student absences ( Sports & Clubs ), and web announcements.


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