Psychology Department Talk

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Psychology Department Talk: Thursday, March 21st, by Prof. Dr. Aylin Kuntay

Department of Psychology presents a talk by Prof. Dr. Aylin Kuntay, Koc University

The talk will take place on Thursday, March 21st, at 15.00, at the Rectorate Conference Hall.

Title: Development of integration of linguistic knowledge and effective reference in children

Brief Summary:

Pragmatic development involves learning to use linguistic devices and non-linguistic action in a well-integrated way in relation to an interactive context. In this talk, I will show that pragmatic development is protracted and malleable by giving anecdotal and empirical examples from research on children’s knowledge of words/constructions and referential communication (learning to appropriately refer to things in the context of verbal communication).

I will end with forward-looking thoughts in relation to applied sciences seeking to remedy the widely found disparities in children’s early language and communication abilities.


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