Project Competitions for University Students

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition, Open University have included undergraduate and graduate students in entrepreneurship and to raise awareness for innovation and students with business ideas including innovation in various fields, it is aimed at providing support to create an environment for realizing their ideas. Basic Industries sub-categories in the 2018 competition, Techno Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship was determined.

The aim of the bachelor’s degree private university is to promote the undergraduate graduation thesis in accordance with the needs of the private sector and to ensure that undergraduate students acquire practical experience in the private sector. Under the program, undergraduate students are expected to write a thesis for thesis / process improvement and / or development, which aims to solve a problem of the private sector and / or have the potential to apply in the sector. Sub-categories of the competition in 2018 were determined as Product Development and Process Development.

The University Students Project Competition in the Priority Areas aims to provide the undergraduate and undergraduate students studying at the universities with the opportunity to produce solutions to the problems of our country in the priority areas and to develop projects to improve their knowledge and skills accordingly. The sub-categories of the competition in 2018 were Energy, Machinery Manufacturing & Automotive and Information & Communication Technologies.

The 2238 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition for University Students, 2241 Graduate Thesis Contest for the Private Sector, and the University Students Project Competition for 2242 Priority Areas are being organized for the sixth time this year by the Presidency of TUBITAK Scientific Support Programs. Competitions aiming to encourage university students to carry out studies in the priority research areas that our country needs; It offers university students the opportunity to sign projects that contribute to science, economy and industry at the beginning of their careers.