‘Plastic Clever eTweens’ eTwinning Project

‘Plastic Clever eTweens’ is an environmental eTwinning project carried out by five schools in total with the founding partnership of Türkiye and Spain. Project partner schools are Ies Felipe De Borbón from Spain, Ankara Altındağ Evliya Çelebi Secondary School, Manisa Alaşehir Emine Elem Kayacık Secondary School, Hatay Samandağı Tekebaşı Eczacı Maruf Cilli Anatolian High School from Türkiye.

Within the scope of the project; the students have done research in-depth on plastic waste that threatens our ecosystem and they have learned about the different types of plastic, their effects and the plastic problem in their own country. Students tried to find solutions to the plastic waste problem at home and at school and created various infographics, posters and slogans to raise awareness in the school community and their families. The students have worked in mixed teams and created a calendar in which they present plastic waste problems that threaten all countries and alternative solutions to these problems. Congratulations to the Turkish and Spanish students who cooperated for a better future for our world.

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