Philosophy Talk this Friday

Philosophy Talk this Friday: Manuel Knoll (Fatih) on “Who Should Rule? Aristotle’s Theory of Constitutions.’
Manuel Knoll (Fatih) will give a talk on Friday 1/03/2013 at Bogazici
University, TB130, 5-7pm. Everyone welcome!

“Who Should Rule? Aristotle’s Theory of Constitutions”

ABSTRACT: According to Aristotle’s theory, kingship, aristocracy and polity
(politeia) are good constitutions. In all of them the rulers govern for the
common good and not for their personal advantage.
However, among scholars it is disputed which of these three constitutions
Aristotle prefers, and how his outline of the best constitution is to be
understood. The talk introduces this controversy and argues that Aristotle’s
political preference is an aristocracy in which the morally and
intellectually best citizens rule. It concludes with some reflections on
whether such a constitution could serve as a model to reform contemporary

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