Philosophy talk on Wittgenstein this Tuesday

Gordon Bearn (Lehigh) will be giving a talk at Bogazici on Tuesday
23/10/2012. The talk will take place from 5-7pm in TB130.

“Feeling Words: An Attitude to Linguistic Life.”

Further information can be found here:

ABSTRACT: Increasingly Wittgenstein is being favored with praise for his
attention to the experiential dimension of linguistic life.
Following Rhees, I think Wittgenstein’s attention to experience, much of it
appearing in pages devoted to seeing aspects, was drawn from him by his
concern with whether something important would be missing if you did not
experience the meaning of a word. Wittgenstein’s answer
was: No, nothing important would be missing from our understanding of
language if we were unable to experience the meaning of a word. In this
paper, I show that Wittgenstein’s repression of experience was a constant
theme of the Investigations, and I suggest that it was a mistake.
Wittgenstein’s formalism, however rich, and it is rich, prevented him from
following his thoughts in the direction they were leading. He held himself
back, but we should not be so careful. We should risk feeling in the dark
for a way to sensual semantics.