Stockholm Ekonomi Enstitüsü tarafından düzenlenen Peak Time yarışması
Lisans öğrencilerine açık olup bireysel veya takım halinde başvurulabilir.

Peak Time is the largest international business student competition in Eastern Europe involving participants from all over the world organized by the 19th best business school in Europe – Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (the Financial Times ranking, 2011). The idea of Peak Time dates back to 1999.

Peak Time is the closest to business one can get in a competition. The international community of the competition promotes cultural integration and gives the participants an opportunity to expand their networks and exchange ideas with the most talented students. Peak Time 2011 gathered more than 1500 creative and entrepreneurial students from 202 universities, 70 countries, 6 continents.

The aim of Peak Time 2012 is to challenge talented and energetic young people with complex corporation problems by testing them with a set of various tools – business simulation (Cesim), case studies, guest lectures, etc. Peak Time 2012 is the place where businesses and students meet face to face providing an adequate assessment for everyone – students, universities and companies.

Requirements to apply:

1.  All team members and individual participants should be undergraduate students (MSc. MBA and etc. students are not eligible to take part in the competition).
2.  There can be no more than 2 students in a team who have already participated in the Peak Time finals.
3.  Organizers of previous years’ Peak Time are not allowed to apply.
4. A participant can only apply either to compete individually or within a team, filling in both registration forms is not allowed.
5. Each team or individual participant should have a supervisor, i.e. a representative of your university’s administration of faculty, whom you can consult throughout the competition in case it is needed. Finalists will also have a chance to invite their supervisor to Riga on May 2-5; however, the organizers do not cover his or her expenses.

The application and participation in Peak Time 2012 is for free!

Preliminary rounds
Step 1. To participate in Peak Time 2012 you have to register online by February 6, 2012. You can compete in a team of four or individually.

Step 2. CESIM online business simulation (SimFirm) is the first part of competition, which tests students’ analytical thinking as well as strategic skills. Each team/participant will be allocated a certain amount of points based on the position in their group and later on ranked relatively with teams from other groups, based on cumulative shareholder return. Cesim rounds will take place from February 13 till March 9.

Step 3. An instruction of all the requirements and the case studies themselves are published after CESIM rounds end on March 12. The cases enable participants to present their solutions for real-life problems prepared by professionals, who work in top business companies as well as the governmental sector. Application of theoretical knowledge to case studies lasts for a week and ends together with the deadline for submitting the application package on March 19.

Application package is an additional opportunity for teams to present their creativity. It should include team photo and written description, and participants’ CVs (individual participants send only their CVs).

Step 4. The success of the teams is proportionately based on all three components: 35% CESIM, 55% case study solutions, and 10% application package. On April 2 the top 20 teams are selected to proceed to Peak Time finals in Riga, where they compete in even more advanced simulation and cases. Finals will take place on May 2-5, 2012.

Peak Time 2012 continues the tradition introduced last year and has two ways for students to apply and compete: individually and as a team.  The later can be referred to as the traditional way of applying, here participants gather a team of 4 bright and talented students, go through the preliminary rounds successfully, and thanks to a lot of work and a bit of luck they can have the opportunity to come to the finals. The other option is applying individually. Here during the preliminary rounds a student has to prove himself to be smart, highly motivated and demonstrate an excellent performance in all the tasks on his own. All the individual applicants will be graded the same way as teams; however, after the preliminary rounds the top performing individuals will be given the opportunity to come to the finals and work in one team with other three sharp and motivated individuals. Here, in Riga, they will be given a chance to compete with both other internationally formed teams of individual applicants and traditionally formed teams showing excellent results in the preliminary rounds.

The choice is yours. By applying individually you can test your abilities even more, show what you have got in the preliminary rounds and get a chance to work with as amazing, bright and innovative people as you are, but it is a fact that your teammates will come from different parts of the world. Coming to the finals and seeing your teammates in face for the first time in your life might be the most challenging, fun and awesome experience you could ever have in a business competition.

However, when applying as a team, you can be sure to have amazing time with people whom you are definitely going to call friends after the Peak Time journey! The competition will teach you to collaborate, work through different problems and have fun at the same time! Share ideas, work hard and see you in the finals in Riga among the 20 top performing teams from all over the world!