Online Student Success: The Key To Keeping Students Motivated and Engaged

Wednesday, October 17, 1:00-2:30pm EDT
online webinar
Host: Innovative Educators

NOTE: Payment is not required prior to event date. The recording is included and is accessible for one full year.

The challenge of keeping online students motivated and engaged is an area of concern for all types of institutions and courses. As online courses grow in offerings and popularity, it is important to address the concerns that arise via this still new medium of instruction. Online learners are statistically a very varied group, in terms of study habits, personal schedules, work commitments, and family. It is essential for faculty to be aware of their students’ demands outside of the online environment in order to better tailor their curriculum and offer an experience that encourages retention.

This webinar will review the most common problems that keep online learners from completing their coursework successfully. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss, in-depth, the role of motivation from the perspective of human development, as well as its role in the online learning environment. Participants will learn how to tap into their students’ motivation and promote it in a way that addresses all learning styles.

– Identify common problems that keep online learners from succeeding
– Develop best practices for motivating students in the online environment
– Learn how to tailor their curriculum to create an environment that encourages retention
– Gain an understanding of how motivation impacts student retention
– Apply key principles of human motivation to promote student motivation in the online environment

– 2 year institutions and 4 year institutions
– Dean of Instruction
– Dean of Student Services/Affairs
– Faculty (full and part-time)
– Student Services Staff
– Admissions
– Advising
– Counseling
– Retention Specialist
– Student Life
– Directors of Assessment
– Developmental Educators
– First Year Experience Coordinators

Dr. Lashun Aron and LaRuth A. Ensley

Dr. Lashun Aron holds a doctoral degree in Higher Education Administration and Education Leadership from Argosy University. She has worked in both traditional and proprietary school environments. Her commitment to education as a lifelong career came from working in Higher Education as an Administrator. Dr. Aron has worked with many youth organizations, campaigning students to experience personal development and educational attainment. She found this to be challenging and incredibly rewarding. She believes that one critical component in becoming a truly effective leader is learning to serve and help the people you lead. Although she has worn many educational hats, serving as a Tutor, T.A., Faculty Mentor, Instructor, Department Chair, Academic Dean, Director of Education, and Online Education Supervisor – there have been no moments more satisfying than when Student Learning is Evident.

Lashun has delivered numerous campus workshops and presentations focused on student success in higher education. She is currently working for an online for-profit college as an education supervisor whose mission is to promote student success in the online environment.

LaRuth A. Ensley earned an Education Specialist degree from The George Washington University in Washington, DC with an emphasis in Educational Leadership and Administration and a Master of Arts degree in English from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. She has been working in education for over ten years and has served in various roles including adjunct faculty, full-time faculty, departmental chairperson, and director.

Ms. Ensley now works full-time for a proprietary college in the Northeast. In her current role, she conducts faculty observations, provides curricula oversight, and serves as a mentor for new and existing faculty.

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