NMC Creativity Award Winner Bozkurt Selvi

At the NMC, we are proud to promote work that helps bridge the gap between the arts and sciences. This Summer, we partnered with Humans in Space Art — a program of NASA, the DLR (German Aerospace Center), Universities Space Research Association, and Lunar Planetary Institute — on a friendly competition where K-12 students are leading the way: The Humans in Space Art K-12 Showcase, featuring the NMC Creativity Award.

The International Youth Art Competition invites learners ages 10 to18 to submit creative artwork expressing their vision of the future of human space flight. By including the next generation in the planning of the future, the competition aims to enhance their awareness, interest in, and support for human space flight, and to allow their ideas to begin shaping the future now.

Bozkurt SELVİ
NMC Creativity Award Winner Bozkurt Selvi 1

The NMC sponsored the competition’s NMC Creativity Award, in which one talented young artist received recognition for communicating his vision of the future space frontier in an extremely creative manner.

Congratulations to the winner, Bozkurt Selvi! Bozkurt is 13 years-old and resides in Turkey. His artwork, titled “Mission: EUROPA,” received over 1,000 votes on the NMC Facebook page from the NMC and broader edtech community.

The NMC sent Bozkurt a special trophy, along with a letter of recognition, that he can carry with him throughout his continued education. His school also honored him with a special ceremony, in which he received a medal in front of the entire faculty and student body.

Major kudos, Bozkurt! We all look forward to watching you continue to flex your creativity to do amazing things!