Nanoscience and Molecular Materials

The Nanoscience and Molecular Materials research group is directed by Professor Tomas Torres, at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
We are organic chemists working in synthesis of phthalocyanines and related compounds since 1993, focused on the preparation of molecular materials. We are also very much interested in studying the practical possibilities of the compounds we are working with. Thus, we have developed much work in the field of the non-linear optical properties of phthalocyanines and, more recently, in the preparation and study of properties of electro- and photoactive ensembles based on phthalocyanines.

How to contact us:

Prof. Tomas Torres
Professor of Organic Chemistry
Departamento de Química Orgánica – Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
28049 – Cantoblanco
Tel.: +34-914974151 (office)
Tel.: +34-914974734 (lab 301); +34-914974707 (lab 307), +34-914972453 (lab 302)
Fax : +34-91-4973966
e-mail: [email protected]

How to reach us:

To get to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, you may take the train (lines C1, C7 or C10, direction Alcobendas, Tres Cantos or Colmenar), either at the Atocha or Chamartín stations, or you may take a bus (line 714) at Plaza Castilla.

Our group is based at the Organic Chemistry Department (Module C-I), which is in the Facultad de Ciencias of the University.

Phthalocyanines (Pcs) are organic aromatic molecules widely employed in the field of molecular materials mainly due to their exceptional stability and interesting optical properties, i.e. intense absorption in almost all the visible region and high polarizability, derived from their delocalized electronic system[50]. Like their porphyrin relatives, they are also frequently used as donor units in donor-acceptor ensembles. Moreover, the chemical versatility of Pcs makes possible the introduction of different types of metals in their central cavity and their peripheral functionalization with electron-withdrawing groups, thus allowing the modulation of their electronic properties.


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