NanoDiode project launches a school student video contest on nanotechnologies

A video contest on nanotechnologies for students (11-18 year olds) around Europe is launched by the EU funded project NanoDiode. The contest is organized by the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations (EUSJA), a partner in the NanoDiode project.

Students are asked to produce short videos on nanotechnology on the following topic:

“What kind of nanotechnologies do we want?”

Participants are invited to play the role of journalists and produce videos focusing on nanotechnology from their own unique and fresh perspective.

In their videos, students are expected to seek answers, or even new questions. They are also expected to produce material that focuses on what nanotechnology is, on the fears and expectations they have about future applications, on where would they like to see nanotechnology used and where not, what kind of applications of nanotechnology they want (or do not want) in their future.

The videos are expected to seek answers to various questions, such as:

– Which products using nanotechnology do you know? Do you think they are useful? Why?

– Do you know if you use products with nanomaterials, or products manufactured with the use of nanotechnology? If yes, name some and explain to us why you chose them. If not, is there a reason why?

– Do you think that products using nanotechnology are safe to use? Do you think that manufacturing such products is safe for workers?

– In which applications do you think that nanotechnology can be of great value for people?

– Can you imagine a future where nanotechnology would be almost everywhere?

Anyone can be interviewed; scientists, manufacturers, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) representatives, even friends and relatives, students and teachers.

The students are free to produce any kind of videos they want. They may include narrative, interviews, lectures, animation, comics, drawings, songs, etc. in any combination.

Students from all secondary schools around Europe (ages 11-18) are invited to produce their videos and send them to the organizers until December 15 2015. Students should deliver a 2-10 minute video in English language or in the student’s native language with English subtitles, accompanied by a short description, in English, of the video as text (.txt, .doc, .odt, etc.). They can upload the video to a file transfer service (such as dropbox, wetransfer, etc.) or a video hosting service (such as youtube, vimeo, etc.) and then share or send the link to the organizers.

Students’ videos will be uploaded on NanoDiode’s Youtube channel and posted on NanoDiode’s Facebook page where the competition will take place until December 31, 2015.

In January 2016 a jury composed of partners of the NanoDiode project will choose the best videos, taking in account the people’s votes and likes in Youtube and Facebook by 50% (50% jury – 50% public) before announcing the winners. The five (5) best videos will be displayed on the NanoDiode website, Youtube channel and other social media. The producer/producers of the best video will also be awarded with a visit to a nano technology laboratory of an industrial NanoDiode partner.

Why should students participate

Taking part in NanoDiode’s students video contest will be a great opportunity to discuss about nanotechnology in the classroom. Nanotechnology uses science on the nanoscale, which occurs at the scale of atoms and molecules. Because nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary field, it can be included in physical science, chemistry, physics, biology, environmental sciences, and engineering. Nanotechnology provides connections between and among the sciences that will help students to develop an understanding of the relationships between disciplines.

Students’ involvement in a video production may have even higher educational value. Creating a video is telling a story and it can be a classroom project. It can be a great opportunity of involving each and every student in the learning process in an exciting way.