Nanobiotechnology Days 2015

Dear Colleagues, Scientists and Members of Industry,

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the Nanobiotechnology Days 2015 workshops/lectures, which will be held at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University on May 14-15 2015. The great Turkish hospitability and scientific contribution will make this event to remember, including social and networking activities.

Nanobiotechnology offers opportunities never previously considered. The application of it into healthcare offers possibilities in key areas of Therapeutic Treatments, Diagnostics/Imaging, Bioactive Materials, Translational Nanomedicine, which are the drivers that will provide great hope to patients. Some of these areas will be examined at these workshops/lectures.

Nanobiotechnology Days will bring together experts from academia and industry making this gathering a perfect platform and discuss the challenges of the interplay between nanotechnology, biology and chemical engineering. It will enable the exchange of ideas and knowledge between the different subdisciplines for facilitating research and interdisciplinary collaborations focusing on nanobiotechnology. Nanobiotechnology Days 2015 will include plenary lectures, and workshops from a world-class group of researchers.

We look forward to welcoming you to Nanobiotechnology Days 2015 in the beautiful, vibrant city of Istanbul which is today one of the world’s leading tourist and cultural centers in the world.

Hope to see you all in Istanbul.

Prof. Dr. Oya ALPAR


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