My Wonderful Land eTwinning Project

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Students from Balçova Nevvar Salih İşgören Anatolian High School joined this eTwinning project. This is a cultural project. The main aim of this project is to combine different people with different cultures.

The partners are from Azerbaijan,Turkey,Germany,Portugal,Romaina and Macedonia.. The teachers from different countries will be tought how to make eTwinning projects and collaborate with one another. At the same time the aim of the project is to enrich the Intercultural communication of students, new skills and competences in foreign languages and digital technologies and staying connected with school during the pandemic Covid 19.”The students will gain more knowledge about the culture of the other countries

Expected Results :
They will learn geographical places of other countries
They will improve the ICT skills
They will improve communication skills.
They will improve English level
They will gain Web.2.0 Tools
They will gain friends from different countries
They will have more information about the other countries’ cuisine
They will orginise students’ group and collobarate with one another
They will learn about those countries national costumes and dances
They will be informed eTwinning
They will learn about the spacial days celebrated all over the world ( eTwinning Day,Down Syndrome Day ets..)
They will learn to be responsible
The will respect the others culture
They will join Europe and Asia culture
They will have information about the famous people from those countries
They will stay connected with school during the Pandemic Covid 19