Mind & Brain Games Trainer Training Programs

We plan to make learning more enjoyable with instructor training programs that we organize for future architects.
The game is the most serious work of the child, the child puts forth with every aspect of his world playing the game. The gains that the child will get during the interaction with the game become more permanent. These criteria are the facts that have been accepted in today’s world and emerged with scientific data.

Our aim is to bring together new techniques and methods with our valued teachers in order to train individuals who think, produce and strive to realize their dreams.

– Game and toy concept
-What is the capacity?
– Box games related to gaining competence skills
– What is critical thinking?
– Fundamentals of critical thinking
– Box games applications to gain critical thinking skills
-Digital games and box games
Effects of digital games and box games on children of developmental age
– What is visual perception?
– The contributions of visual perception development to analytical thinking
– Box games related to visual perception skills
-What are the problem solving skills?
-Problem solving skills related to box games applications