Educational content
What is STEM Education?
Why STEM in the 21st Century?
STEM Understanding in Education, Fundamentals and Operation
Methods and Techniques for STEM Approach
Applied Studies with STEM Approach
Modeling and STEM Training
Integrating coding into lessons

What will you learn?

Know what skills become important in individuals in the changing age.

Explains how the roles of 21st century education stakeholders have changed.

He realizes why 21st-century skills are important for teachers.

Explain the new educational models and approaches.

Explain what understanding the STEM needs for teachers.

5E learns the model.

Understands the effectiveness of STEM-based learning in providing students with 21st century skills.

Explain the design-oriented thinking process.

Express the basic principles of inquiry based learning.

Describes the operation of STEM-based learning.

Knows how the project-based learning process progresses.

Design project based learning process.

Express how to design learning environments in STEM Based Learning.

Understands various methods and techniques to be used in STEM Based Learning.

STEM Performs course design appropriate for learning.

The relevant field courses of STEM materials (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science,

Students will be able to prepare mathematics, information technologies and technology design.

Acquire basic coding skills.

Recognize coding media.

Learn algorithm, condition blocks, loop blocks.