Mathematics without borders

Dear Colleagues,

With this letter, we launch the first round of the tournament “Mathematics without borders”. On our webpage you will find the rules of the tournament, the deadlines and the documents used for organising and conducting the three rounds, as well as sample tests for each age group.

The participation fee is €5 for each student. The money is used for: making of the tests, translation of the tests in English and Russian, printing the certificates of participation for each student and medals for the winners, postage fees and maintaining the website of the tournament.

Upon request by the school, the organisers will send the bank account details by email.

For the first round of the tournament please note the following deadlines:

By 11/10/2013 – all applicants must email the filled in application form ( ), together with evidence of payment of the registration fee for the students

Immediately upon receipt of the application, the organisers will send the tests in Russian and English, as well as the answer key, to the applicants.

On any day suitable for the school, between 21-27.10.2013, the schools will hold the competition.

Up to three days after the competition has been held, the schools must email the protocol with the results filled in. ()

The ranking for the first round of the tournament will be announced on the website no later than 04/11/2013.

By 07/11/2013 – the organisers will send the certificates and medals for the winners.

If you have any questions, please email me at:

or send a message to

Best wishes!

Lyubomir Lyubenov