Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences

MACIS is a series of biennial conferences focusing on research in mathematical and computational aspects of computing and information science. It is broadly concerned with algorithms, their complexity and their embedding in larger logical systems. At the algorithmic level, there is the rich interplay along the Numerical/Algebraic/Geometric/Topological axes. At the logical level, there are issues of data organization, interpretation and associated tools. These issues often arise in scientific and engineering computation where we need experimental and case studies to validate or enrich the theory. MACIS is interested in outstanding and emerging problems in all these areas.

The 8th iteration of MACIS will take place at Gebze Technical University in Gebze/Istanbul (Turkey) in 13-15 November 2019.

Main MACIS tracks

Algorithms and Foundations
Topics and Description
Symbolic Computation
Numerical Computation
Interval and hybrid techniques
solving (parametric) polynomial systems
satisfiability modulo theories
global optimization
quantifier elimination and decision procedures
differential equations
combinations of logics and deductive engines
systems analysis and formal verification

Topics and Description

security models
formal methods for security and privacy
design and analysis of algebraic, elliptic, number theoretical, code-based, lattice-based and hash-based cryptographic primitives
Lattices and codes
algorithms and software for symbolic computation in cryptography

Topics and Description

enumerative combinatorics
combinatorial designs
analysis and algorithmic constructions of designs
complexity problems in combinatorics
codes constructions
decoding methods and their complexity
information theory aspects
Kolmogorov complexity

Data Modeling/Machine Learning
Topics and Description

machine learning
deep learning
knowledge discovery
data mining
pattern recognition
complex knowledge – representation and management
foundations and theories for data analysis – systems
design and analysis of machine learning algorithms
statistical analysis for big data

Submission deadline: September 29, 2019
Early Registration deadline: October 20, 2019
Student financial support application: October 1, 2019


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