Maker Faire Educational Projects

We especially support imaginative, inventive, amusing, intelligent, instructive activities, made with energy and abilities.

Maker Faire Rome is an extraordinary festival of innovation, open to all types of connected inventiveness, from the most genuine to the most inventive activities, from new advances to conventional expressions and specialties.

Display at Maker Faire implies high perceivability and heaps of fun, business contacts and systems administration openings with individual creators from everywhere throughout the world.

What are we searching for:

Designers and pioneers: imaginative items, models, licenses, look into ventures, new companies, crowdfunding. At the point when creators need to meet the market, they should come to Maker Faire Rome! Consistently we manufacture the future together.

Imaginative skilled workers: instruments and procedures for advanced manufacture, from 3D printing to CNC machines, from innovative carpentry and metalworking to computerized strategies for mold and plan, yet additionally top notch create items and any procedure including hand-production.

Gadgets: from microcontrollers to retrocomputing, from sensors to Internet of Things, from circuit twisting to hacking, from machine figuring out how to open equipment.

Sustenance and horticulture: development in nourishment (counting machines, apply autonomy, procedures for arrangement and preservation) and farming (agro-tech, rustic advancement, robotization, observing).

Mechanical autonomy and machines: from wheel robots to animatronics, from humanoids to Goldberg machines, from man-made consciousness to modern robotization.

Wellbeing and personal satisfaction: ventures for enhancing life of handicapped individuals, biomedical items, extras for sport, extends about human body.

Workmanship, collaboration and amusements: ventures utilizing light, haziness, sound, music; automated craftsmanship, inventive coding, melodic instruments, virtual reality and intelligent establishments.

Science, science, designing: science displays and trials, research centers and shows for children and grown-ups.

Maintainability, Circular Economy, Bioeconomy and Green Energy: from renewables to upcycling, from reusing of materials to repair culture, from water and condition, from green engineering and shrewd versatility.

Open Source: from Open Source Hardware (OSHW) to Open Design, coordinated effort and sharing has dependably been one of the key purposes of creator development

Extensive scale ventures: creative or energetic, static or moving, sculptural or technologic, mammoth projets are dependably the immense fascination that guests recall forget.

FabLab and Community: creator research centers, gathering places for experimentation, producer gatherings and networks about innovations and innovativeness.

Spaceflight and its applications: thoughts, advances and models for a more significant misuse on ground and in trip of room condition benefits and for a more compelling, both human and mechanical, investigation of the Solar System

Activities about the current year’s subject: future has a place with everybody, advancement (when open, comprehensive, base up) is the main route for a superior world.

… and afterward rambles, bikes, ventures for social legacy, photography, security and some other point not recorded here.



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