Do you think you have imitated anything before?

Is not your answer no? Off to the races:

All through our life,while learning language,we have difficulty in. All too soon why? The answer is straightforward as hardly ever known we  follow a method,thus,any issue. Do they be succesful and what is worse,come to think of success;why do we want to be successful?

Do you think that is the reason? So long as you ask me,there are many underlying reasons.Place something at a premium, self -confidence,environment…

Actually,when all is said and done,all roads lead to more;namely,chain!

1-Life is recidivism
4-What we live in childhood
5-The reason we do

By hook or by crock,whatever you say,every moment of your life depends on the chain.

My first reason is that take a leaf out of one is book.It is essential that do an impression of somebody is free of error and off the beam are joined issue with  somebody by between people because each to their own. On condition that we need to  return to the subject.For examples;meantime learning whatsoever language, you xan do an  impression of baby. In a lot ways,babies are good students in as much
as they always follow their mother and fathers.While acquainting oneself with vernacular  language,they are not afraid of making mistakes.And then,should you want to learning  many knowlende,you can be as babies as.The reason for this,when having been  dramatized, knowledge having been here to stay in your brain.How can ı do this? It is very simple. Babies,babies,babies… Each of us like something, but more importantly,from what point of view. Had we looked at something from a different aspect,we would not have been in this situation.Now as we do not notice but we die gradually. Having a choice,but it is important thing is that we  can not judge ourselves according to fish.

My second reason is that mother nature.Should you stay in the forest,you can slog away as you should assort its rules.At one time or another,we see that nature sometimes behaves relentless.In such a way that should we have cut down a tree, in due course,makeup can pay one back in this own coin.As a matter of fact,this here is good happening. Furthermore,because it is significant that we do not know our potential and nature accommodate somebody with seeing,hence we should give somebody the green light nature to treat us badly and actually,leting out our potantial,till hell freezes over,we must force ourselves.One of the things we need to learn from nature;recurrence.Namely,we all processed biology lesson and we stare someone in the lace cycle between animals and so it’s crucial that this is always the case.Life has a lot to teach us.By way of something all of them,should you have troble breathing,you cannot cut down trees otherwise nature take one’s revenge. Secondly for example,were you to want tomeet imaginary creatures,you would trust oneself in nature.

On the other hand,living through now,the future or the past,it is shrouded in  mystery.That is hard to say,but know that I do not make something stick the past or the future.For example;should Ibe transformed into wolf,wolf because they are puissant and quick of comprehension.Nobody can not make good.Frankly speaking,I can not explain this to mystery or should Elon Musk want to colonise in Mars,he can  study for this project and given that he succeeded.The Colon; the presence of a place is to turn it into a more entity, and Elon Musk thought it years ago.Well and good,this is what everyone witnesses,do they prove that the incident  happened?This question leds us to other questions.One of this;we all live in the world,well,do we really live?However,should everything occur again,life in the world can be a revival of other lives or three may also be events that occur in a different way of encountering coincidences in other life.Parallel universes or  happenchances… It is a theory of parallel universes and it is said: “There may be other universes or universes that look exactly like our universe.” For example,when finding accidently with acquaintance,we think that happenchances. Supposing that the paraallel universe is a result…

To sum up,Firstly,take a leaf out of one is book.Secondly,mother nature.Finally,now the  future and the past.After all of this,you understand that all we live is a repetition of our lives.Actually,there is a constradiction here,but like ı care! Because everything in life is based on contradiction and chaos.Those who learn to cope with them will  survive,those who cannot cope are condernned to be death.This the nature. On conditionthat you are strong, you win everytime.


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