Lego Robotics, STEM and Maker Teacher Training

Lego Robotics, STEM and Maker Teacher Training

Preparing the future educators with Lego Robotics, STEM and Maker Teacher Training, Jr.Robotics opens a special teacher training in September 13-16 with the collaboration of the April University.

Objective, Goals and Achievements
The program proceeds through integrative and project-based modeling with an innovative approach that will be considered as reform in education.

• The LEGO ROBOTICS & MAKER Instructor Training Program aims to introduce and extend the Lego Robotics & Maker training concept, innovative teaching and learning approaches that can be integrated into today’s education, and to bring the research direction to the instructors.

• Trainers can determine the orientation and orientation of each student in the STEM category with student follow-up as a result of the trainings.

• As a result of the program, our trainers: Using LEGO education solutions in their classes, they can offer their students a learning experience that they will remember throughout their lives.

• Establish robotic clubs in schools and allow students to participate in national and international tournaments.

• Tübitak projects, science fairs etc. prepare students for events.

Training Titles
• Lego Robotics
• 3D Printer Technologies-CAD
• Scratch Coding
• Arduino Electronic Card

Who Can Attend
• Teachers
• Teacher candidates
• University students
• Those interested in robotics education and coding (programming for training, coding knowledge is not required.)