Kültürlerarası Yetkinlik Gelişimi ve Öğretimi

Developing and Teaching
Intercultural Competence
Capacity building workshop
İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, İstanbul, Türkiye
1-4 October 2013
Programme: Tuesday 1st of October
17.0 Arrival of participants in hotel— Introduction and administrative details
Dedem Hotel
Emin Sinan Hamam Cad. No:8 Cemberlitas, Sultanahmet, 34450 Istanbul
19.0 Departure for the welcome dinner in the old city
20.0 Welcome dinner
New Galata Restaurant
Yeni Galata Köprüsü Altı K.B No: 10 Karaköy / İSTANBUL
Wednesday 2th of October: Developing cultural awareness
Location: Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Seminar Room II
9.0 Introduction
1. The Workshop and its teaching/learning methods/strategies
2. COHEHRE, the Cultural curriculum project and the Facilitators
3. Sharing of participants approach to ‘putting culture in the curriculum’
Group discussion followed by summary presentation
10.30 The Framework for Putting Culture in the Curriculum
11.0 Intercultural game
12.0 Lunch in the environment of the university
13.0 Cultural Awareness and simulation games (Eileen Richardson)
14.0 Stories (submitted by participants) relating to critical cultural encounters Analysis using critical incident technique and extracting themes
15.30 Using Learning cafe technique questions and discussion relating to the themes extracted
16.30 Experiences of minority groups within the heath care system Open
discussion including introduction to Tuesday’s activities (All) Free evening
Thursday 3th of October: Developing cultural knowledge
Location: Dedem Hotel
9.0 Keynote: Health indicators
Assoc.Prof. Candan Ozturk, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Faculty of Health Sciences
10.0 Keynote: Introduction to the Muslim culture,
Prof. Turan Koc, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Faculty of Islamic Sciences
12.0 Lunch and cultural visit at Bosphorus
14.0 Site visit hospital
15.30 Visit Mosque & cultural visits: Blue Mosque, Bazar,
Free evening
Friday 4th of October: Developing cultural skills
Location: Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Seminar Room II
9.0 Feedback from visits in Istanbul
10.0 Cultural models and theories and their application
Case analysis using stories from Tuesday Presentation of group analysis
13.0 Mapping cultural perspectives in the curriculum
14.0 Experience with immigrant nurses
14.30 ‘What will you take home with you?’ Discussion.
15.30 Platform for initiatives of participants:
Conclusions on I-VET- project on Integration between workplace and training I-VET Summer
School – Mendrisio (TI), Switzerland, 26-29th of August 2013 Filippo Bignami, Swiss Federal
University for VET
16.0 Final evaluation and closing session (All) including filling in Evaluation forms
20.0 Closing dinner in Eminönü
Hamdi Restaurant
Tahmis Caddesi Kalçın Sokak No:17 EminönüReceiving University:
İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department
Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi Hemşirelik Bölümü 34303 Halkalı
Küçükçekmece – İstanbul Telefon : 0 (212) 692 97 12 Faks : 0 (212) 693
82 29
University contact
Doç.Dr. Candan ÖZTÜRK
E-mail: candan.ozturk1@gmail.com, candan.ozturk@iszu.edu.tr
Associate Professor Candan Öztürk; RN, PhD
Candan is Head of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing Department in İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim
University, Secretary of Turkish Nurse Educators Association, and one of the Founder members and ex
Secretary of the European Transcultural Nursing Association (ETNA).
Öztürk, worked as international coördinator for long years. First time she implemented Transcultural
Nursing Course into nursing curriculum in Turkey. She is still the local coördinator of some European projects
regarding transcultural education. Candan holds a Master and PhD in Pediatric Nursing .
Workshop facilitators:
Raija Sairanen, RN, RMN, RNT, M.Pol.Sc.,
Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland, raija.sairanen@turkuamk.fi Raija is senior lecturer and
directs the international affairs in the adult education unit on Bachelor and Master level at the Faculty of
Health Care. Her background is in Mental health nursing. Her speciality is the management and coordination
of the update education for the immigrant nurses outside EU. She is a member in the education export
group in the Faculty of Health Care. She has extensive international experience, having been involved more
than 20 years in international affairs, such as projects, networks, conferences, teaching and working abroad
in multicultural teams. She is a part of the international group in COHEHRE working with the framework for
a European curriculum in Cultural Care and the following workshop.
Helen Olt, RNT, MSc,
Karolinska Institutet, Division of Nursing, Sweden. Helen.Olt@ki.se Helen is working on her Licentiate
thesis on cultural competence. The thesis contains a psychometric evaluation on an instrument measuring
cultural competence and aspect of cultural competence compared between first- second- generation of
immigrants and native swedes in healthcare. Her work is in the nursing program as a lecturer. She is teaching
and has an assignment for implementation of sociocultural aspects in the nursing program. Previously she
was involved and responsible for the nursing programs international exchange activities. She is a part of the
international group within COHEHRE that has worked on the project; European curriculum in Cultural Care
and was one of the facilitators for the workshop 2011.
Eileen Richardson, MA (ED), RN, School of Health and Social Care at
Bournemouth University, UK,
erichard@bournemouth.ac.uk; erichard@talktalk.net
Eileen has worked in Nurse Education for many years both as a teacher and educational manager. She is a
graduate of both the Open and Sussex Universities, obtaining a master’s degree in Education at the latter.
From 1993 to 2007, Eileen was a member of staff at the School of Health and Social Care at Bournemouth
University where she held a number of posts. These included Programme Leader for Adult Nursing and
Placement Co-ordinator. From October 2000 to 2007 she was employed on a part-time basis as International
Project Officer for Nursing. This involved, amongst other things, managing two transatlantic projects one relating to multicultural workforces and the other ‘health inequalities in rural communities’. Since 2005 she
has led the COHEHRE project group responsible for the development of the DATIC workshop.