IWA Specialized Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies in Ancient Civilizations

It is our pleasure to announce the IWA Specialized Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies in Ancient Civilizations (IWA WWTAC 2012) in Istanbul-Turkey.

IWA Specialized Group on Water and Wastewater in Ancient Civilizations organizes this specialized conference every two years. Researchers, professionals, historians, archaeologists, engineers and companies will come together to enlight the future of water technology by the help of understanding the history of water and wastewater technology.

We are looking forward to seeing you on March 22-24, 2012 in Istanbul, where the continents meet.

(a) To reveal the cultural heritage in several regions of the world and to make visible the archaeological remnants of practices which have contributed to the evolution of the existing technologies in water and wastewater management.
(b) To describe and evaluate the old technologies, which on a long term may contribute to water and wastewater management systems and to the development of integrated methodologies.
(c) To develop small decentralized systems based on old technologies using new equipment, which may be of great significance for water, wastewater, and environment management in the future.
(d) Water and wastewater knowledge related to the water services, juridical and economical aspects.

Water Culture Exhibition From The Adell Collection

ADELL Mixer and Valve Company is one of the leading companies of Turkey in the field of household type mixers and valves for bathroom and kitchen use, as well as in the production of valves and fittings used for water and natural gas, and heating.

ADELL Company, which has an integrated production facility covering an indoor area of 20,000 square meters in the Organized Industrial Site located at İkitelli in Istanbul, has been awarded with the following prizes: Consumer Quality Award received in the International Consumers’ Summit in 2010, Golden Brand Consumer Award in 2008, Ministry of Industry’s Award for the Company which Adopts Customer Satisfaction as a Principle in 2007, the award for being the second company in the İkitelli Organized Industrial Site to pay the highest amount of tax in 2007, and the Istanbul Chamber of Industry Environmental Encouragement Award in 2008. Besides, two of its faucet armature designs made it to the finals in the 2008 Design Turkey contest, and were published in the exhibition catalogue of the contest. Moreover, ADELL is the first brand in Turkey to receive the TS EN 331 European Gas valve norm compatibility certificate, and the TS EN 13828 drinking water valve compatibility certificate. ADELL Mixer and Valve Company is also the first and only company in Turkey to provide its customers with a 6 year guarantee certificate approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. 

As one of the prominent companies in the sector of water fittings, ADELL Company acts in accordance with its principle of social responsibility, and it not only contributes to the delivery of clean and healthy water to Turkey and the world, but also to the conservation of our historical and cultural legacy by making a collection regarding our water culture.

Efforts are being made to extend the ADELL Armature “Ab-ı Hayat” Collection so as to reflect Ottoman water culture and civilization. The objective of this project taken up as a Civil Society Initiative is to preserve exclusive examples reflecting our water culture and to hand them over to future generations through a museum that is due to open shortly. The Adell Armatür “Ab-ı Hayat” Collection includes, in addition to historical taps, ewers, jugs, healing bowls, flasks and pitchers, objects pertaining to the hamam culture, embroidered fabrics, towels, etchings of fountains, postcards, documents and records. 

A part of the collection of ADELL Company was put on display in the World Water Forum, honored by the presence of the President of our Republic in the exhibition and “Ab-ı Hayat Water and Water Culture In Istanbul From the Past to the Present” was also exhibiting in İbrahimpaşa Palace between 14 May and 20 July 2010 within the scope of “Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture” events.

ADELL Company feels right proud of exhibiting, its collection consisting of numerous precious works of art, in “Water and Wastewater Technologies in Ancient Civilizations” conference and exhibition to academican and visitors, within the scope of  International Water Association” between 22-24 March 2012.

Authors are invited to submit their English written manuscripts of minimum 4 and maximum 8 pages, including figures and tables (as MS word file single interspaced) via e-maill to [email protected] no later than September 30th, 2011. Manuscript will be accepted based on quality, originality and relevance to the Conference themes. All accepted manuscripts (papers or posters) will be published as the Conference Proceedings. Only presented contributions (papers and posters) will also be reviewed, on their quality, originality and relevance to the Conference themes, by the International Reviewing Committee for publication in a special edition of Water Science and Technology. The Reviewing Committee will be established on the last day of the Conference.