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Erasmus+ Projesi
Erasmus+ Projesi

Proje yeri: Rome, Italy
Proje Tarihi: 06-14 EKİM 2023
Proje Türü: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange-Gençlik Değişimi
Gönderici Kuruluş: Cosmos Youth
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Proje Detayları

The project will focus on non-formal methods, with activities that will make youngsters learn by doing. The exchange of good advice will be one of the important parts of the activities while living and experiencing out of their comfort zone will help them in their lives in the community to feel more included and more active as citizens in European life. This comes from the need to involve youngsters more in their communities and make them feel more comfortable in using digital tools as a positive and not just a passive tool, to connect youth from different realities, to make them share their knowledge and creativity, to make them work out of the comfort zone, in an environment where there is equity and also includes people who usually live on the fringes of society.

• Provide participants with a common thread that can help unite cultures through stories as a way for integration and cooperation, also developing their digital skills;
• Create a space for youngsters to experiment with approaches and methodologies in non-formal education through storytelling.

• Increase critical reflection, integration, and cooperation skills through storytelling;
• Promote creativity among youngsters as a tool for self-development and future work skills development;
• Explore storytelling as a specific educational approach and its cohesion with non-formal education;
• Increase the youth’s ability to use digital tools by connecting youth from different countries.

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