Istanbul: STEM Science Festival

Istanbul: STEM Science Festival
For our primary school, middle school and high school students, we have to register for the workshops at and the registration page to be announced in our social media accounts. The age of each workshop will be indicated in the activity schedule and on the registration page.

In the project titled ır Istanbul: STEM Science Festival,, STEM (Science-Science, Technology-Technology, Engineering-Engineering, Mathematics-Mathematics) is taken as the main theme. Stem training is an important concept for the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Science and Art Center, a project-based education center that prepares Special Talented individuals for the future.

It is aimed to raise the interest of the society to science and science by exhibiting the discoveries and inventions of all amateur and professional scientists who are interested in science, attracting the attention of people who are not interested in science and creating a culture of science in society.

Within the scope of the festival, science demonstrations that appeal to every part of the visually rich society, thematic workshops where students will have the chance to learn science by experiencing, will have scientific interviews with our visitors.


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