IPC 2012


Open to University Students

Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus
Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (SEES)

IPC 2012 Rules:

  • Participation: Students from universities offering internationally recognized degrees
  • Team Size: 2
  • Theme: Vital Triad (Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Water)
  • Application Format: A proposal of ~2000 words in English, describing problem, outlining proposed    solution, and discussing feasibility. 3 to 6 figures to support description with pictorial depictions, flow    chart, and/or critical data.
  • Application Deadline: May 1st
  • Submission (will be open 1st March 2012): Through web site    (electronic)
  • Evaluation: International Jury Panel of 10
  • Announcement of 3 Finalists (for on-Campus Presentation): June 15th
  • Award*:        1st place: 1000 Euro

                                      2nd place:  750 Euro    + TRNC Trip for 3 Finalist

                                       3rd place:  500 Euro

  • Criteria – The submissions will be scored and ranked based on:
     Problem relevance
    to sustainability
     Originality, Feasibility
    and Impact of Concept Solution
     Verification of
    Feasibility through
    or Experimentation
    of Writing

        * The Jury Panel reserves the right not to give away any award if no participant qualifies