International Turgut Ozal Congress on Business, Economics and Political Science

International Turgut Ozal Congress on Business, Economics and Political Science is organized by Turgut Ozal University in cooperation with universities from three continents and sponsored by prominent public and scientific institutions and international peer reviewed indexed journals. This congress is dedicated to perpetuate the vision and legacy of Turgut Ozal, the 8th President of Republic of Turkey, who devoted his life to humanity, international peace and democracy.

Aim of the Congress
This congress aims to provide opportunities of knowledge sharing with academics from a range of disciplines and establishing contact with experts from different countries and institutions. All theoretical and empirical papers from business, economics and political science disciplines in wide range of subject areas are welcomed. Organizing committee values papers on contemporary theoretical developments, theoretical modeling and empirical research including case studies, historical, comparative and multidisciplinary studies. In addition, studies on Turgut Ozal’s views, policies and legacy are highly encouraged by the editorial board. Selected papers from all submissions will be published in the Journal of Business, Economics and Political Science (JOBEPS) and other sponsor journals, subject to compliance to review report, editorial comments, conference feedback and payment of applicable publication fee.

Sessions and Workshops for Young Scientists
Graduate students are particularly encouraged to submit research papers. Accepted submissions of master and PhD students will be clustered around their common topics and will be presented in related and/or in young scientists sessions. Congress will also offer workshop sessions for professional development of graduate students, on fundamentals of cultivating high quality graduate dissertations and publishing in international journals. Each workshop session will open with a seminar of a prominent researcher, who will also moderate the following discussion. A brief summary and the structure of the workshop sessions will be announced from the

Congress Tracks
The congress tracks highlight the fundamental study areas under business, economics and political science disciplines. Submissions related, but not limited to the spectrum of the tracks representing these disciplines are welcomed.
Organization Theory
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
Production Management
Management Information Systems
International Business
Tourism Management
Innovation and Technology Management
Business Law and Ethics
Crisis Management
Knowledge Management

Economic Growth and Development
Comparative Economic Systems
Industrial Economics
Labor Economics
Health Economics
Monetary Theory and Policy
Public Finance
Economic and Monetary Integration of EU
Islamic Finance
Institutional Economics
Central Banking
Economic History
Green Economy
New Economy
Turkish Economy
Economic Methodology and Modeling
World Economy

Political Science and Public Administration
Political Theory
Comparative Politics
Turkish Politics
Constitutional Institutions
Non-governmental organizations
Central – Local Government
Bureaucracy and Public Institutions
International Relations
Diplomatic History
International Relations Theory
Area Studies
International Security
International Organizations
International Political Economy
Turkish Foreign Policy

Turgut Ozal and His Legacy
Political and economic reforms
International peace
Turkic World

Congress Secretaries
For your questions and requests about submissions please contact:
Ahmet Burak Poyraz
Department of Business Administration
[email protected]
+90 312 551 5327

For your questions and requests about travel and accommodation please contact:
Ahmet Ozkardas
Department of Economics
[email protected]
+90 312 551 5345

For your questions and requests about congress program please contact:
Yunus Akcali
Department of Political Science and International Relations
[email protected]
+90 312 551 5363

For your questions and requests about registration please contact:
Salih Dogan
Department of Political Science and International Relations
[email protected]
+90 312 551 5362

Turgut Özal University
Ayvalı Mah. Gazze. Cad. No:7 Etlik- Keçiören 06010 Ankara / Türkiye
Phone: +90 312 551 5000


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