International Telecommunications Conference

International Telecommunications Conference

ITelCon is an organization which is supported by both pioneering academicians in their fields along with experts and professionals from industry. Sponsored by Elsevier Springer, ITelCon brings together academia, industry, and standardization and authorization bodies, which are the fundamental shareholders of concurrent and emerging technologies in telecommunications and all relevant fields. In 2017, the city of Istanbul will host the prominent and world-class researchers, academicians, and professionals in the area of telecommunications under the umbrella of ITelCon. The conference will include technical sessions and technology panels. In this regard, ITelCon cordially invites researchers, academicians, and professionals to submit papers in all fields and sub-fields of telecommunications. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

MIMO, multi-hop, and cooperative communications
IoE and Intelligent Transportation Systems
Wireless mobile networks protocols, applications, and services
Telecommunications channels characterization, wireless propagation modeling
Radio access technologies for 5G and beyond
Wireless localization and positioning algorithms and applications
Antenna systems and RF design
Advanced transceiver algorithms and designs
Software defined radio and cognitive radio systems and networks
Spectrum management techniques and applications
Green communications networks
Ad-hoc networks, mesh networks, sensor networks, and machine-to-machine communications
Analog and digital signal processing techniques, applications, and implementations
Security and privacy issues at physical, MAC, and upper communications layers
Modulation, coding, diversity, equalization, synchronization
Energy efficient, energy harvesting, and wireless power transfer systems design
Multi-user interference modeling, management, cancellation and alignment
mmWave, THz, and optical communications
Cross-layer design and harmonization
Mobile big data and network data analytics
Mobility and traffic modeling, management, and optimization
Network access, fronthaul, and backhaul schemes
Testbed and prototype implementation of wireless technologies and services

ITelCon 2017 is sponsored by Springer Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, (LNEE) with ISSN 1876-1100. Selected papers in the conference proceedings will be published in Istanbul University, International Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (IU – JEEE)

Papers that are not selected to be published in IU – JEEE could be extended and are encouraged to be submitted to a Special Issue in Physical Communications at early March 2018. Details of the Special Issue of interest will be announced on conference website.

Honorary Chair

Nazım Ekren, Istanbul Commerce University, Rector
General Co-Chairs

Ali Boyacı, Ph.D., Istanbul Commerce University
Ali Rıza Ekti, Ph.D., Balıkesir University,
Muhammed Ali Aydın, Ph.D., Istanbul University, Vice Dean
Serhan Yarkan, Ph.D., CARIT, Director
Executive Chair

Gülsüm Zeynep Gürkaş Aydın, Ph.D., Istanbul University
Serap Tepe, Ph.D., Uskudar University
TPC Chair

Özgür Can Turna, Ph.D., Istanbul University
Local Organization Committee

Sezer Can Tokgöz, Istanbul Commerce University
Özgür Alaca, Istanbul Commerce University
Gamze Kirman, Istanbul Commerce University