International Symposium on Traditional Foods from Adriatic to Caucasus

4th International Symposium on Traditional Foods from Adriatic to Caucasus

Dear colleagues and friends,
On behalf of the Organization Committee, we would please to invite you to the 4th International Symposium on Traditional Foods from Adriatic to Caucasus, to held in Kyrenia, TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) on 19-21th April 2018 and enjoy the scientific and cultural activities. The symposium is organized by Namık Kemal University and Near East University.

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Prof.Dr.Sevinç Yücecan Prof.Dr.Mehmet Demirci
Chairpersons of the Symposium Organizing Committee

Main Topics
Traditional Cereal Foods
Traditional Meat, Poultry and Fishery Products
Traditional Dairy Products
Traditional Fruit and Vegetable Foods
Traditional Sweet Products
Other Traditional Foods
Social Aspects of Traditional Food and Nourishment
Traditional Functional Foods
Modernisation and Industrialization of Traditional Food Production Processes
Safety of Traditional Foods
Innovation in Traditional Foods
Mediterranean Diet
Traditional Food Regulations and Legislations
Health Benefits and Functionality of Traditional Foods
Imitation and Adulteration of Traditional Foods
Geographical Indications of Traditional Foods
Special Topic: Olive Oil (production methods, oil quality, functional compounds, health effects)

Aim of the Symposium
Αn important issue is that traditional food products, one of our important social and cultural heritage from past to future, must be protected and maintained in both national and regional scale. Production in hygienic conditions and modern industrial methods to produce traditional foods are fundamental tasks of the food researchers and producers.
The aim of this Symposium is:

– To evaluate production process and to indicate the importance of the traditional food products which are produced in countries from Adriatic to Caucasus and are locally important,
– To improve the international familiarness of the products which are known just locally,
– To prepare a reference book where the presentations performed in the symposium will be published,
– To develop further academic and cultural agreements among universities from Adriatic to Caucasus

During this symposium, we will come together as scientists, public institutions and private sector representatives and through the planning of interdisciplinary studies, young researchers will have the opportunity to meet expert scientists and discuss their ideas. We ensure that the scientific level reached in previous symposiums is kept and carried forward.

Important Dates
1st Call May 15, 2017
Abstract Submission Deadline December 22, 2017
Notification for Accepted Abstract January 26, 2018
Last Date for Regular (Early) Registration Fee Payment February 16, 2018
Last Date for Symposium Registration Fee Payment March 02, 2018
Deadline for Cancellation of Meeting Registration February 16, 2018
Deadline for Cancellation of Hotel Booking February 16, 2018
Announcement of the Symposium Programme March 30, 2018
Symposium April 19-20, 2018
Symposium Trip April 21, 2018