International Symposium on Network Enabled Health Informatics, Biomedicine and Bioinformatics

HI-BI-BI 2012
In conjunction with ASONAM 2012
27-28 August, 2012, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey

Based on requests from authors, we have decided to extend the submission deadline until 30 April 2012.
If you missed sending your work to ACM/IEEE ASONAM 2012, this is a great opportunity for you to attend by considering submitting your work to HI-BI-BI 2012 which is colocated with ASONAM.

The advancement in technology and computational science influenced a wide range of fields, including research in clinical leading to health informatics as emerging vital research area which is attracting more attention in academia and industry. Health informatics combines computational science and the clinical world for better treatment of patients; it deals with resources, devices, and methodologies required for optimizing the acquisition, storage, maintenance, retrieval, and use of healthcare information and resources for effective diagnosis and treatment of patients.

The target of this research track is to bring together professionals, researchers and practitioners in the area of health informatics to present, discuss, share the latest finding in the field, and exchange ideas that address real-world problems with real-world solutions.

Scientific Topics

Topics covered by HI-BI-BI 2012 include but are not limited to work in progress as well as cutting-edge and novel findings on the latest trends and developments in health informatics, encompassing areas such as:
1.Clinical and hospital human resource management and performance analysis.
2.Computer aided diagnosis.
3.Computational biomedicine, genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolimics, sociogenomics.
4.Controlled and optimized utilization of resourc.
5.Data analysis and disease biomarker prediction.
6.Data mining and machine learning techniques in health informatics.
7.Drug design, disease diagnosis and control.
8.E-health and web-based information services.
9.Evaluation and use of information technology in healthcare.
10.Healthcare applications of mobile and pervasive technologies.
11.Human-computer interaction.
12.Future developments in technologies and applications.
13.Intelligent Health Information Systems & Decision Support Systems.
14.Integration and sharing of heterogeneous health information systems.
15.Integration and sharing of heterogeneous health data sources.
16.Information and image retrieval.
17.Language parsing methods in biomedicine.
18.Modelling, simulation and evaluation of healthcare services.
19.Mobile solutions for sharing information in healthcare services.
20.Patient tracking and monitoring: spatio-temporal models.
21.Privacy protection and data security in health informatics systems.
22.Process management and collaborative work.
23.Reuse in Health Information System development and maintenance.
24.Signal processing and streaming databases.
25.Spread and control of epidemics.
26.Social network modelling and analysis in health informatics.
27.User interfaces and visualization for health informatics systems.


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