International Symposium ASGRAD

You are welcome to submit your abstracts to International Symposium ASGRAD which is scheduled to be held from 22nd-23rd of October, 2018 in Izmir, Turkey.

Transformation has been a constant process since the dawn of humankind. The change we have been through as a species is not only limited to our own framework but it eventually has become a concept that permeates everything we produce or believe. This process has become apparent not only in our cultures and literary traditions, but also on our perception of reality itself. The aim of this symposium is to gather graduate and post-graduate students in a venue where all participants can freely share and discuss their studies related to this subject.

ASGRAD invites all graduate and post-graduate students to submit their abstracts to participate in the Symposium under the topical issues including but not limited to the suggested topics listed below.

Transformations in Literary Traditions

Transformation in All Types of Fictions

Psychological Transformation

Transformations Through Identity Crisis

Construction and Deconstruction in Transformation

Transformations and Mythology

Transformation and Posthumanism/Transhumanism

Transformation in Personal/National/Collective Identity and Memory

Transformations and History

Transformations in Theatre

Cultural Transformations

Transformation and Media

Transformation and Visual Arts

Transformations in Motion Pictures

Therapeutic Properties of Transformation

Transformation in Gender Studies

Transformations in Eco fiction and Nature Writing

Transformation in Poetry

Deadline for 250-word proposals (as abstracts): The deadline for submission is 1/06/2018 and notification of acceptance or rejection will be emailed by or before 30/06/2018.

Please e-mail your proposal and a short BIO (100 words) to:

ASGRAD Committee.

Ege University, Faculty of Letters

Bornova, Izmir, TURKEY

ORGANIZERS: Ege University, Departments of English Language and Literature & American Culture and Literature.