International STEM and Educational Sciences Congress

International STEM and Educational Sciences Congress

Nowadays, the changes in science and technology have affected our lives in a profound way. Countries need creative individuals who look after the world from a critical point of view and who use the information they learn in their daily life. For the training of individuals with these characteristics, countries are constantly making changes in education programs and addressing new approaches to education. One of these new approaches is STEM training, which emerged in 2001, but has a long history.

STEM is an abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Although it is an abbreviation, STEM is an educational approach in which the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are given in an integrated way and these are associated with daily life and supported by 21st century life skills. Today, many countries offer and support STEM education in formal and informal education settings. In this context, countries are doing serious work and projects in order to give individuals a good STEM education.

In spite of the projects, works and trainings, serious mistakes in STEM education are made and STEM education cannot be integrated to the program at the desired level. In our country, some mistakes are made in STEM education and are not sufficiently integrated into training programs. These errors in STEM education indicate that STEM education is not sufficiently understood.

However, it is of great importance that STEM education is understood correctly throughout the country, awareness of teachers and academicians about STEM education, integration of STEM education into the curriculum and understanding of its importance. For this reason, we are planning to hold the leri International STEM and Educational Sciences ün congress at Muş Alparslan University between 3-5 May 2018. As a result of the congress, a STEM training report on STEM education will be published.


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