Bursa International Murad Hüdavendigar Anatolian İmam Hatip High School has organised a research-project competititon with the motto of “Add Value to Life!” for high school students in national and international level. The aim of the competition is to raise individuals who can search his tradition from past to future, who can examine common behavior patterns of individuals who compose a country, who can produce projects with interdisciplinary partnerships, who can leam Science language by experience while enjoying researching and producing, who can develop his social responsibilities by actualizing his products and who can “add value to life”.
With this competition, students will have the opportunity to exhibit their research projects by making collaborative studies for the benefit of the society, by sharing the responsibilities and by analyzing the relationships between the systems and the opportunity to knowthe world better by sharing with othercultures.

Applications will be submitted to the competition in the fields of Engineering, Health, Environment, Aesthetics, Values and Communication. The students will participate in the competition vvith their projects and the evaluations will be carried out by the academic Science committee formed with the cooperation of universities.

1. Engineering
İt covers effective, innovative and inspiring projects based on meeting ali the needs of people, building the future of humanity on values and transforming theoretical knov/ledge into practice. If the projects are carried out in the sub- headings given belov/ or in other related areas, the application should be made from the ENGİNEERİNG category.

1.1 History of engineering
1.2. All Branches of Engineering
1.3. Molecular studies
1.4. Nanotechnology
1.5. Steam Maker Movement: Modeling, coding, robotics
1.6. Mobile application
1.7. Other… 

2. Health

Ali humanistic, social, scientific and technological studies in the field of health can be considered in this category. An experimental study that will contribute to the studies in the field of health, a new device that can be used in medical fields, innovative ideas on social health perceptions and ethics, and projects related to access to health Services should beappliedfrom HEALTH category.2.1 Microbiology
2.2 Medical technology
2.3 Health safety
2.4 Complementary Medicine
2.5 Religion and nutrition
2.6 Religion and Mental Health
2.7 Metabolism ( Hunger , obesity)
2.8 Human Limitations
2.9 Health and environment 2.10. Other…
3. Environment

Today, with the developing technology and industry, environmental pollution is a serious problem. Air pollution and vvater pollution are foremost among these problems. İn order to leave a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations, there are things that each individual can and should do. Human and environmental interactions, Solutions and alternatives to environmental problems, vvaste management and recycling are the main subjects of environmental projects.

If the projects are carried out in these areas given below as an example, the application must be made in the ENVİRONMENT category.

3.1. Religion and ecology
3.2. Rightful share and environmental consciousness
3.3. Water in civilizations
3.4. Pollution ( Light, air, sound ete.)
3.5. Global warming
3.6. Earth and Human Intervention
3.7. Clean air technologies
3.8. Land management
3.9. From depletive Recycling to Permanent Producing Sustainability
3.10. Energy, Energy Resources and Renewable Energy 3.11 .Other… 

4. Aesthetics

Aesthetic is; the Science of artistic creativity and the concept of the beauty and beautifulness in art and life, it is the Science that researches the beauty, in otherv/ords it is the sense of a beauty. If the projects cover the essence of aesthetics, its regulations, functions and historical development and recent development processes in the fields of art, philosophy, Science, ethics, literatüre, language and social Sciences, itshould beapplied in the AESTHETİCS category.

4.1. Aesthetics of the City
4.2. Human and Aesthetics Perceptions
4.3. Folklore
4.4. Values and the Community
4.5. Regimes of the Communities2.6 Literary Text and Themes in Different Cultures
4.7. Universal Language of Culture: Art (Voice: Language, Instrument, Music, ete.)
and Pen: (literatüre, painting, ete.)
4.8. Values Education and Tradition
4.9. Aesthetics and Art Relationship
4.10. Religion and Art
4.11 .Other

5. Values

Today, with the effect of social change and globalization, traditional values have been replaced by some new values. To understand the role played by values in individual and social life, to determine the direetion of value transformations, the journey and transfer of values among generations; determining the reinterpretation of each generation isone vvayof adapting them to life in a more conscious way.
If the projects are carried out in the sub-headings given below or in the areas
related to the subject, the application must be made from the VALUES category.

5.1. Human and Education in a Globalizing World
5.2. Different Cultures and Common Values
5.3. Mathematics of Values
5.4. Ethical and Moral Values
5.5. Inherent Virtues
5.6. Human Being as an Existence of Values
5.7. Character Education
5.8. Personality and moral values in Social Change Process
5.9. The Concept of Good and Values Perception
5.10. Value Understanding of Gifted Children
5.11. Values in Childhood and Youth
5.12. Universal Avvareness in the Global World

6. Communication

Communication, which is a requirement of life, is the way people teli their feelings, thoughts or ideas to others in a variety of ways. Although the techniques have changed by passing time, communication has been born with human beings and it has developed with it again. Dances to express emotions and thoughts, communication by fires, smoke, pigeon, compositions made to express feelings,
drawings and a lot more are always the ways of communication.

If the projects are carried out in these areas given below as an example, the application must be made from the COMMUNİCATİON category.
6.1. Effective Communication Methods
6.2. Media and Communication
6.3. History of Communication
6.4. Communication tools
6.5. Intercultural Communication
6.6. Communication of Living Creatures
6.7. Entrepreneurship
6.8. Other…

General rules

1. Application and participation is free.

2. The language of the project is Turkish, Arabic, English and French.

3. International and national projects will be evaluated separately.

4. Applications will only be made online.

5. Projects must consist of a consultant teacher and a maximum of 2 students.

6. A consultant teacher can join with more than one project.

7. Each student can only take part in one project.

8. Students must be in the 14-18 age range.

9. There is no number limit in the project applications of schools.

10. Applications after the deadline are not accepted.

11. Projects are evaluated objectively by the jury of academicians of universities.

12. The exhibition arrangement (place, board, table, ete.) will be carried out by Murad Hüdavendigar Anatolian İmam Hatip High School.

13. The usage area in the panels shall be 200cm X width lOOcm. Posters must comply with these dimensions.

14. The avvards of the successful projects will be delivered at the end of the ceremony. Otherwise, the earned rights will be canceled.

15. The accommodation, food, travel and city transfers of the finalist teams will be covered by Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education, Bursa Osmangazi Municipality and International Murad Hüdavendigar

16. The expenses of the consultant teachers and students of the projects considered to participate in the exhibition to Bursa are met by themselves.

Pre-Application Writinq Format

1. The summary study should outline the project and use a simple language. İt should be prepared between 250-300 words.
2. On the Abstract, the name of the project should be written in Times New Roman font, 12 point size and bold centered.
3. A maximum of 6 keywords must be used and the keywords separated by a comma. 1.5 line spacing should be left between the keyv/ords and the summary text. The first letters of the keywords must be capitalized.
4. The names of the Project Owners must be indicated “centered”, under the main heading, with the same type and size and only initials should be with Capital letters. Persons’ names, contact addresses, nationalities must be in 9-point and Times New Roman font.
5. When applying online, please be careful to fiil ali the information Project Report Writinq Format

1. The most importantstep of the project work is to write the project report. A clear and straightforvvard way of expression should be followed and unnecessary repetition should be avoided.
2. The narration must be made in the form of passive (passive) form, if possible, from the third person’s mouth. Short and concise sentences should be used.
3. The report should be written by PC typing, using Times New Roman font and (a space) should be given after punctuations.
Characters to be used: 14 pt (bold) in section headings; 12 pt in the text. If necessary, abbreviations can be used. The abbreviation orthe symbol used must be explained only önce in the first usage in brackets.
4. Your project report should not exceed 30 pages in total.
5. The project report should be written in thefoilowing format and being out of format should be avoided.

Project name:
İt should be a short and concise name with a single sentence to give an idea about the project.
The goal of the project;
The purpose of the study should be briefly stated in few sentences or in articles. Introduction;
The subject of this study and the previous studies on this subject should be mentioned in this section. The study should be compared with the other studies and its similarities and differences should be indicated. The objectives of the project work should be specified.

Material and Method
The solution in orderto realize the Project, idea, the path, the tools, techniques and methods used should be explained . This section is also expected to include activities to verify or validate project outputs. 
The methods and research techniques applied in the project should be considered with reference to the relevant literatüre ,clearly and accurately they should be explained to what extent, and how appropriate they are to the intended objectives.

İn the study, if used, methods, material and measurement devices (sensitivity, what they are, ete.) and the basic properties of Chemical and biological substances should be indicated. The path follovved in the experiments, the scope of the study and observations should be vvritten. How, where, and by whom experiments are conducted, information such as the number of repetitions should be expressed clearly and concisely. Calculations, data tables and graphs should be ineluded in this seetion.

Research Findings and Results:
The preliminary findings obtained after the project study (if any) and the results to be obtained, the comparison of these results with the studies in the literatüre should be vvritten in this seetion. As a result of the realization of the project, the contributions and benefits that can be made to the national economy, social vvelfare and scientific accumulation should be discussed and the fact that who can benefit from the expected results and in vvhich way should be indicated.

When a book is referred. the followina issues should be considered:
1. Author surname, comma, initial of the author name, dot and comma (initials of name and surname should be Capital)
2. The year of publication and comma
3. The name of the book and comma (the first letter of the title is Capital)
4. The publishing company, the publisher (the first letter of each word is Capital) and a comma
5. The city where the publishing house is located and comma
6. The number of pagesof the book (if the book is Turkish use “s”,if it is in Englishyou must continue with the letter “p”) and full stop.
İnalcık, H. (2017). Osmanlı imparatorluğu klasik çağ (1300-1600) (24. baskı). İstanbul: Yapı Kredi Yayınları. Wilson, I. D., 2003, Handbookof analytical separations, Elsevier, New York, 22p.

When a thesis referred the followinq steps should be taken into consideration
1. Author surname, comma, initial of the author name, dot and comma (the first letter of the surname and first name is Capital).
2. Dateofthe thesis and comma
3. Title of the thesis and comma (İnitial of the title is Capital)
4. Master degree or doctoral thesis and comma
5. Institution of the thesis and comma
6. The city of the institution is and full stop
Okutan,N.(2006) Relationship between the ethical phrase and political identity and ethical disengagement(unprinted doctoral thesis) Ankara university,Ankara Bicak ,E.,2005 immobilization of phytase enzyme and its way of use in characterization ,master degree ,Ege university institute of Science and technology,lzmir.

Under this heading there must be an appreciation to the academician at the university ,to supervisor of the project at the school, institution and to the school managers.

Things that are additional to the project or the pictures related to the experiments(with or v/ithout its owner)could be placed under this heading
Ethical rules that students and their supervisor teachers should obey

1 -Researchers should protect the structural unity in each step

2- Researcher should avoid the misuse of other researchers’ studies in nonethical ways; such studies will be eliminated if they are determined.

3- Projects should be prepared according to the international scientific conformity. Responsibilities are on the owner and the supervisor.

4- Project owners who needs to have the ethics committee approval should fiil the ethic-risk form.

5- Datas collected for the project can only be used for this purpose.

6- lnstitutional permission should be taken for the works that v/ould be done, like the ones done in the university and it must be placed in the Ethic -Risk form.

7- Projects that might have training values should have a patent application before it is exposed.

Rules to be followed by the Finalists before the exhibition :
1- Students should place their report ,resources and other equipments on their tables before the presentation .
2- Participants are responsible for the presentation and the security of their project. They are not allowed to walk away from where their posters are unless an urgency.
3- ln the exhibition hail tables, boards and hooks to hang the posters will be provided by our institution. Other then these ,materials needed (a list of materials that will be given by the school, stationary ,projector and Computer) should be provided by the project ovvner. Posters will be hanged so they should be prepared according to the measurements published at our vvebsite and be unframed.
4- Jury will do their evaluation both where the posters are hanged on and in the presentation rooms. Oral presentation should be prepared as maximum 15 minutes. Students are kindly asked to save their presentation in USB. Supervisors are not allowed to interfere during the presentations.
5- Cell phones are also not aliowed during the presentation.
6- Conditions of projects will be announced and will not be removed before the stated deadline given in the program.
7- lts advised to wear formal clothes during the presentation and the ceremony.
8- 2 project books should be prepared and one of them will be hand in to the attendants during the registration and the other copy should be shown to the jury members while the evaluation.

Ethical Rules that Jury should follow up:
1 -Projects should be evaluated objectively according to the scientific board and critics.
2- A member of the jury can not have neither positive nor negative thoughts tov/ards a project or its owner.
3- Any type of information about the project are confidential and can not be shared with others.
4- Evaluation details can not be shared with students or their supervisors.

3-ln the exhibition hail tables boards and hooks to hang the posters will be provided by our institution.Other then these ,materials needed (a list of materials that vvill be given by the school, stationary ,projector and Computer) should be provided by the project ovvner. Posters vvill be hanged so they should be prepared according to the measurements published at our vvebsite and be unframed.

Rules should be follovved up during the exhibition:

1. Students should place their report, resources and other equipments on their tables before the presentation .İts not a must but it is advised.

2. Participants are the ones responsible for their presentation and the security of their project.Students shouldn’t leave their presentation table unless an urgent necessity.
Accommodation and Transportation;
Transportation fees are on the projects’ supervisors and the student. Accommodation on the other hand vvill be compensated by Bursa Provincial directorate of national Educational ,municipality of Osmangazi and International Murad Hüdavendigar Anatolian İmam Hatip High school.