International Medicinal Plants Congress

Medicinal and aromatic plants came into prominence because of their valuable biochemical contents, their extensive area of utilization and increasing worldwide trade volume. Approximately 60 billion U.S. dollar trade volume of medicinal and aromatic plants in 2000 is expected to be 107 billion in 2017.

Turkey has a great potential in terms of medicinal and aromatic plants collecting from natural flora and cultivated from agricultural lands because of the broad climatic and ecological conditions, genetic diversity of these plants and significant amount of endemic species.

There are still relatively less research activities introduced about medicinal and aromatic plants comparison to other commercial crops. Therefore, all research activities about these plant species have greater contribution on the scientific progress about this issue and economic development. On the other hand, implementation and extension of these scientific research outputs in commercial sector have great importance.

The first congress about medicinal and aromatic plants in Turkey was organized with the title of “International Medicinal Plants Congress” in 16-21 April 1974 by Ege University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Field Crops, Izmir. Therefore, we excite and give an additional importance since the present symposium which will be held the dates between 2 and 4 October 2018 again in Izmir.

The forth of the biannual “Symposium of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants” will be organized with international participations during 2-4 October 2018 by Ege University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Field Crops with the supports of Republic of Turkey Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

On the behalf of the organization committee of “4th International Symposium of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants”, we would like to invite all scientists, researchers, representative of the companies and who is interested in the subject to discuss latest research results and tendencies, the problems and possible solutions about the medicinal and aromatic plants. We are also honored to welcome you in marvelous part of Izmir, Cesme, during 2-4 October 2018.

Best regards

Prof. Dr. Emine BAYRAM
President of Symposium

Symposium Topics

Medicinal and aromatic plants related;
Cultivation Practices
Genetic, Breeding and Biotechnology
Biodiversity and Protection
Post-Harvest Treatments
Production and Marketing
Consumption as Functional Food
Landscape Use
Analytical Researches
Secondary Metabolites (Essential Oil, Alkaloids, Glycosides etc.)
Botanical and Ethnobotanical Researches
Biological Activities
Natural Cosmetic Products