International ITU 6th Molecular Biology and Genetics Student Congress

Info About Registration

Registration Fee:

90 TL, 40 € or 50$ (Outside ITU)
40 TL, 15 € or 25 $ (ITU Student)
If you want to come with more than 15 students, you can be registered as “Group”. For group participation, the fee is 75 TL, 30 € or 40 $. There should be one person who is responsible for the whole group. This person should pay the group fee for all students(not one by one).

In order to be registered, you have to pay the required registration fee to the bank account given below until August 17th, 2012.

If you want to accommodate in the dormitory (IMKB Student’s House), you should select the ‘Yes’ and indicate one of the options in the registration form in “Register” tab. All info’s about accommodation are written in the “Accommodation” tab. Please check it for a while.

Congress Bank Account:

Recipient’s Name: Burcu ALPTEKİN

Bank Name: Turkiye Is Bankasi Ayazaga Subesi

Account No: 1281-0555144

IBAN: TR420006400000112810555144


!!!VERY IMPORTANT!!! When you pay the fee, please indicate carefully “6-MBG” and “Your Name”.

After filling all parts in the registration form, you will receive an email (to your e-mail address written in the form) about what to do next. In the following three days after receiving that e-mail about your registration, you have to pay the registration fee to the specific bank account. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] about the payment to inform us. We will check all the details about your registration (e.g.registration form, payment) and your fee and will inform you about your registration via e-mail.



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Abstract Submission

All presentations and posters should be all in ENGLISH!!!

Before you prepare your “oral presentation” or “poster”, you should consider about the information given below:

The participant who have sent an oral presentation or a poster abstract to [email protected] will be informed by in the middle of July. The students whose presentation or poster will have accepted will receive a confirmation e-mail and their names will be shown in the website. The posters will be selected by the scientific committee.
We have limited numbers of poster and oral presentation. There will be 12 posters selected and 10 student presentations.

Selected students don’t have to pay the registration fee!!! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions about presentation by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

The presentations should be based on the experimental results that you have been generating (Since Bioinformatical studies are done with computers (no wet lab experiment), you should have in silico analysis of your projects).
The maximum number of slides is 20 and the presentation should be presented in 15 minutes (Extra 5 minutes for questions).

Posters should be prepared by maximum 2 students. The size of standard poster should be 110 cm x 90 cm.


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-Each workshop has a limited capacity with 15 students. However, Bioinformatics has a capacity of 20 participants. One person can attend more than one workshop.

– Each workshop fee is 45 TL, 20 € and 25 $

The planned workshops are listed below:

1) Gene Knockout (Assistant: Ceren ALKIM) (FULL CAPACITY)

2) Immunostaining (Assistant: Şirin KORULU KOÇ)

3) Phage Display (Assistant: Hilal YAZICI) (FULL CAPACITY)

4) Western Blot (Assistant: Salih DEMİR & Koray KIRIMTAY)

5) Q-PCR (Assistant: Anatolia Geneworks)

6) Bioinformatics (Assistant: DONE Genetik)


To obtain any information about the congress;
e-mail: [email protected]

ITU MBG Student Club:

President: Mahir BOZAN

Vice President: Emine Arzu BAŞKALE

Vice President: İsmail KÜÇÜKAYLAK


Keynote Speakers


1.    Assist. Prof. Dr. Arzu ÇELİK – Bogazici University / Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics – TURKEY

2.    Carmen Ruiz de ALMADOVAR, PhD. – University of Heidelberg / Biochemistry Center (BZH) – GERMANY

3.    Prof. Dr. Klas KULLANDER – Uppsala University / Department of Neuroscience – SWEDEN


1.    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Meral KENCE – Middle East Technical University / Department of Biology – TURKEY

2.    Assist. Prof. Dr. Raşit BİLGİN – Boğaziçi University / Institute of Environmental Sciences – TURKEY


1.    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusuf BARAN – Izmir Institute of Technology / Department  of Molecular Biology & Genetics – TURKEY

2.    Bülent ÖZPOLAT, MD. – The University of Texas / MD Anderson Cancer Center – THE UNITED STATES

3.    Thomas SCHMIDT, MD. –  University of Heidelberg / Faculty of Medicine – GERMANY

4.    Arnd KIESER, PhD. – Helmholtz Center / German Research Center for Environmental Health – GERMANY


1.    Assist. Prof. Dr. Arzu ATALAY  – Ankara University / Biotechnology Institute – TURKEY

2.    Prof. Dr. Rob MARTIENSSEN – Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory – THE UNITED STATES



1.    Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÇULHA – Yeditepe University / Department of Genetics and Bioengineeering – TURKEY

2.    Prof. Dr. İ. Saime İSMET GÜRHAN – Ege University / Department of Bioengineering – TURKEY

3.    Prof. Dr. Dimitri KAFETZOPOULOS – FORTH Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology – GREECE

4.    Hüseyin ŞEKER, PhD. – De Montfort University – UNITED KINGDOM


1.    Assist. Prof. Dr. Gökhan DURUKSU  – Kocaeli University / Center for Stem Cell and Gene Therapies Research and Practice –  TURKEY

2.    Prof. Dr. Batu ERMAN – Sabancı University / Biological Sciences & Bioengineering Program – TURKEY

3.    Prof. Dr. Richard OREFFO – University of Southampton / Faculty of Medicine – UNITED KINGDOM

4.    Prof. Dr. Karim NAYERNIA  – University of Newcastle upon Tyne – UNITED KINGDOM


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