International Forestry and Environment Symposium


International Forestry and Environment Symposium

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Karadeniz Technical University, Kastamonu University, S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University, Université Ibn Zohr and Artvin Coruh University, I cordially invite you to attend the International Forestry and Environment Symposium.

The International Forestry and Environment Symposium on “Climate Change and Tree Migration” will take place in Trabzon, Turkey on November 7th to 10th, 2017. The Symposium aims to increase technical, political and public awareness about on Climate Change and Tree Migration.

We hope that you will now plan to participate in this symposium and invite you to share your knowledge with contribution to the program.

Hope to see you in Trabzon!

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ercan OKTAN

Behalf of the International Forestry and Environment Symposium Committee

Main Topic: Climate Change and Tree Migration

1. Arid and Semi-arid Ecosystems
2. Biodiversity
3. Biotechnology and Environment
4. Carbon cycle
5. Dendrochronology / Dendroclimatology
6. Ecological Economics
7. Environmental Pollution
8. Environmental Protection
9. Ethnobotany
10. Forests and Climate Change
11. Forest Policy
12. Forest Protection
13. Forest Products Industry
14. GIS and Remote Sensing
15. Horticulture
16. Land Degradation
17. Landscape Architecture
18. Landscape Technics
19. Non-wood / Non-timber forest products
20. Plant food
21. Protected Areas
22. Renewable Energy Sources
23. Restoration and Rehabilitation
24. Silviculture
25. Sustainable Forest Management
26. Stress Physiology
27. Watershed Management
28. Water & Soil
29. Wetland Ecosystems
30. Wood Technology

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