International Forest Fire Conference In Black Sea Region

It is my pleasure to invite you to attend the International Forest Fire Conference in Black Sea Region that will be held in Kastamonu, Turkey, from November 6th to 8th, 2014.The Conference will focus on the current developments in forest fire science and its technology and also providing an opportunity to meet persons and institutions to promote cooperation in fire research and management among the Blacksea Basin countries.

The scope of the conference will be mainly:
To bring together scientists and practitioners from various parts of the world working on different aspects of forest fires
To encourage the presentation and discussion of recent advances in scientific research and technical development
To present new management methodologies
To present results from pilot experiments
To promote international cooperation
The themes that will be focused during the Conference are related to Human and Institutional Factors, Forest Management and Fire Prevention, Fire at the Wildland Urban Interface, Forest Fire Risk Assessment and Climate Change, Fire Detection and Monitoring, Remote Sensing, Fire Management, Fire Suppression and New Technologies, Large Fires, Fire Safety, Economic Issues, Fire Ecology and Evaluation and Management of Burned Areas. These themes are not restricted and we are open to other subjects that are proposed, as well.

As the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the conference I welcome you to our website. We intend to use this support to give you updated information about the Conference and its related events. This information is of interest for those who intend to participate in the conference but also for all those who are interested in forest fire research and forest management in general.

Your comments and queries are welcome.

The Chairman of the Conference


Fire History;
Fire Landscapes;
Modeling of Past, Current and Future Fire Regimes;
Fire Ecology;
Fire Management;
Fire, Human Health and Security;
Fire-Atmosphere-Climate Interactions;
Climate Change Effect on Forest Fires
Land and Fire Management Policies;
Advanced Fire Management Tools;
International Cooperation in Fire Management.
Fire Behavior Models and Simulation
Technologies, Tools and Agents Used in Fire Suppression
Conservation, Rehabilitation and Reforestation of Burned Areas
Visual Fire Warning and Monitoring Systems
Use of GIS in Forest Fires
Planning of Fire Combating, Fire Mobilization Centers, Vehicles Tracking Systems
Meteorologic Early Warning Systems
Causes of Forest Fires and Fire Assessment
Importance of Forest Road Network on Forest Fires
Fire and Water Interaction in Watersheds
Fire Influence on Soils

Abstract submission deadline:

July 15, 2014

Announcement of accepted abstracts:

August1, 2014

Full paper submission deadline:

October 1, 2014

Registration fee :

October 1, 2014

Symposium Dates:

6-8 November, 2014



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