International “Enzymes for Biocatalysis” Workshop

Biocatalysis (using enzymes or whole systems) can provide a valuable alternative to traditional chemical processes because it has many advantages such as; efficiency in enhancing the rate of chemical reactions and for their ability to discriminate between potential substrates. Therefore there is the possibility of using biological molecules to catalyse any reaction or modify any product of interest to industry. Biological catalysts from animal, plant and bacterial sources have evolved to perform most types of organic reactions, producing chirally pure and complex molecules with interesting biological properties. Biocatalysts have thus become important tools in medicine, the chemical industry, food processing and in agriculture. Industrial processes often require extreme conditions such as high pressure, temperature and extreme pH which require a large amount of energy to achieve and may produce unwanted toxic waste. Biological enzymes do not require such conditions and produce chirally pure products often without the disadvantages of unwanted toxic by products. The use of naturally occurring enzymes is not that common because of limited substrate and coenzyme specificity and kinetic problems with the reactions. Protein engineering is a promising approach which can be used to create enzymes with the desired properties. Enzymes can also be engineered to better understand the molecular basis for their functions so that they will be able to synthesize novel products in non-native environments. The worksop allowed participants from both academia and industry to exchange ideas within this multidisciplinary area of research.
“The International “Enzymes for Biocatalysis” Workshop aims to provide a forum for the presentation of the most exciting advances and new findings in our understanding of enzymes.

Enzymes from metagenomic libraries
Bioinformatic tools for enzyme identification
Expression systems
Rational and evolutionary design of enzymes
Enzyme immobilization
Novel biocatalytic reactions
Biocatalytic process engineering

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