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The International Design Alliance (IDA) is a strategic venture between international organisations representing design. The alliance was created by founding partners Icsid and Icograda and ratified by their respective General Assemblies in September 2003. In September 2008, the IDA welcomed the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) to the alliance as the third partner.

The alliance is based on the desire of its partners to “do together what they cannot do alone,” concentrating on opportunities arising from multidisciplinary collaboration.

The design community working together for a world that is balanced, inclusive and sustainable.

To bring the benefits of design to world bodies, governments, business and society.

To serve as the collective voice of design
To develop and share knowledge of design around the world
To stimulate innovation through multidisciplinary design collaboration
To promote the mutual interest of all design professions
To encourage the use and value of design by building relationships with world bodies

The IDA is governed by the IDA Executive Committee, which consists of nine members, comprising three representatives from each partner. These members are appointed by the Executive Boards at the first board meeting immediately following the General Assemblies of each partner and serve until the next General Assembly.

2011-2013 IDA Executive Committee members

Rotating Chairpersons
Prof. Soon-in Lee, Icsid President
Ms. Leimei Julia Chiu, Icograda President
Ms. Shashi Caan, IFI President

Committee members
Mr. Brandon Gien, Icsid President Elect
Mr. Omar Vulpinari, Icograda President Elect
Mr. Marco Coello, IFI President Elect
Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Icsid Senator
Mr. Lawrence Zeegen, Icograda Vice President
Ms. Madeline Lester, IFI Past President

2013 IDA Congress Istanbul

17-19 November 2013
Theme: Design Dialects

In February 2011, the International Design Alliance (IDA) announced Istanbul (Turkey) as the host city of the 2013 IDA Congress. Following an international competitive bid process, the rights to host this event were appointed to member organisation Istanbul Technical University (ITU).

The theme for the congress is Design Dialects, a metaphor for confrontation, communication and collaboration. It aims to enable creation and exchange of discourse about, for and by design during among those who attend.

Istanbul is the only city in the world located on two continents, making it a cultural intersection where North meets South and East meets West. The unique culture and the congress theme will be weaved together to offer participants a stimulating programme and exciting social events.

More information on the programme and registration will be available in 2013.

For full event details please visit:

Host member organisation: Istanbul Technical University
Established in 1773, Istanbul Technical University (ITU), as a leading state university, defines and continues updating methods of engineering and design education in Turkey. It provides its students with modern educational facilities while retaining traditional academic values, as well as using its strong international contacts to mould young, talented individuals who can compete in the global arena. ITU, with its 18 150 undergraduate and 6500 graduate enrolled students, has 37 departments in 13 faculties, six different graduate schools and 11 research centers. Almost all undergraduate programs have been accredited by international bodies like ABET, EUA, NAAB, IMO. The vision of ITU is to rank among leading research universities globally.

Supporting organisations:
The 2013 IDA Congress bid was supported by a wide range of leading design stakeholders and figures from the region, who comprise the congress organising committee. ITU would like to thank Nihat Ergün, Minister for Trade & Industry on behalf of the Turkish Advisory Council of Design (TTDK); Kadir Topbaş PhD, Mayor of Istanbul; Bülent Eczacibaşi, Chairman of Eczacibaşi Holding Co. and Enis Turan Erdoğan, CEO of Vestel Electronics Co. for giving valuable support from the beginning of the bid process both as individuals and for the institutions they represent. In addition, the Chamber of Interior Architects of Turkey (TMMOB İÇMO) and the Turkish Society of Graphic Design (GMK) as well as, the Turkish Patent Institute (TPE) as the secretariat of Turkish Advisory Council of Design (TTDK) strengthened unity and interdisciplinary representation during the bid, which led to Istanbul’s designated right to host the 2013 IDA Congress.

Postal address:

Susie Hall
Icsid Project Manager
IDA Congress
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Montreal, Quebec
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Tel: +1 514 448 4949 ext. 225
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