International Congress on Biomaterials and Biosensors

You are cordially welcome to International Congress on Biomaterials & Biosensors (BIOMATSEN 2015), which will be held between 16-19 April 2015 at Sentido Lykia Resort, Blue Lagoon, Fethiye/TURKEY. The aim of BIOMATSEN is to provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various educational fields with cross-disciplinary interests to bridge the knowledge gap and promote research esteem. The BIOMATSEN2015 will provide an international forum to address all major topics of current and prospective interest in Biomaterials/Biosensors Research and Application.

In addition to scientific seminars, a wide range of social programs including boat cruises and visits to historical places will be available.

A. Yavuz Oral
Assoc. Prof. Dr. of Materials Science and Engineering,
Turkey (Co-chair)
Cengiz Özkan
Prof. Dr. of Mechanical
Engineering, USA
Z.Banu Bahsi
Dr. of Environmental
Engineering, Turkey
Mihri Özkan
Prof. Dr. of Electrical Engineering, USA



• Advanced functional materials
• Artificial organs and tissues
• Bio-inspired computation techniques
• Bio-nanomaterials and nanotechnology
• Bioengineering materials
• Biological materials
• Biological response to nanomaterials
• Biomaterial characterization
• Biomaterial synthesis
• Biomaterials and bioinformatics
• Biomaterials and biometric computer security
• Biomaterials and biometric information security
• Biomaterials and biometric security
• Biomaterials and cardiovascular devices
• Biomaterials and computer applications
• Biomaterials and soft computing
• Biomaterials at the nano level
• Computational biomaterials
• DNA computing
• Medical devices
• Microscopy and materials characterization techniques
• Modeling of behavior of biomaterials
• Nano biomaterials
• Nano computing
• Nano thin films
• Materials for biomedical applications
• Novel applications of biomaterials
• Novel materials and their application
• Processes for biomaterials synthesis
• Tissue engineering
• Use of biomaterials in biometrics
• Use of biomaterials in engineering research


Sensors using recognition elements:

• enzymes
• antibodies
• nucleic acids
• whole cells
• tissues and organelles
• other biological or biologically inspired components
Sensors with transducers:
• electrochemical
• optical
• piezoelectric
• thermal
• magnetic
• micromechanical
New trends in Sensor development:
• DNA chips
• lab-on-a-chip technology
• microfluidic devices
• nanobiosensors and nanotechnology
• biosensor interfaces and membrane technology
• instrumentation

Assoc.Prof.Dr. A. Yavuz ORAL
Phone: +90 262 605 2657