International Congress on Advanced Railway Engineering

Istanbul University’s Faculty of Engineering and the Iran University of Science & Technology’s School of Railway Engineering in partnership with Center of Excellence in Railway Transportation are hosting an annual conference.

Projects geared towards the railway industry are being developed at Istanbul University’s Faculty of Engineering in coordination with Turkish State Railways (TCDD). Our partners, Iran University of Science & Technology’s School of Railway Engineering and Center of Excellence in Railway Transportation of I.R.I,are regarded as the most established rail institutions in the Middle East. In recent years, large investments have been made in the railway industries of both the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey, with railways becoming progressively more important for both countries. Railway projects require strong scientific foundations, the development of joint R&D projects and the sharing of technological knowledge. The railway industry’s need for the holding of an annual congress is therefore clear. The congress aims both to increase the quality of science and promote industrywide technological developments. The event will provide a platform for the industry to better introduce itself in order to participate in related investments and projects in the Middle East.

We are therefore pleased to invite you to participate in the first International Congress on Advanced Railway Engineering, hosted by Istanbul University. The event is scheduled to be held March 2-4, 2015.

International Congress on Advanced Railway Engineering
Congress Chairman


1) Rolling Stock
– Contact Mechanics, Wheel and Rail Interface
– Wear of Rail and Wheel
– Rolling Contact Fatigue
– Dynamics of Rail-Wheel Interaction
– Braking Systems
– Railway Dynamics
– New Concepts in Structural Design of Passenger and Freight Trains
– Crashworthiness
– Fatigue Design
– Active Suspension Systems
– Train Aerodynamics
– Power Generation Systems
– Power Transmission Systems
– Railway Noise and Vibration Control
– Equipment, Testing and Simulation for Safety
– Derailment Analysis
– Maintenance and Repair
– High-speed Trains
– Machinery Fault Diagnosis and Condition Monitoring
– Ride Quality Assessment
– Magnetic Levitation systems

2) Railway Track
– Train – Bridge Interaction
– Train-Track Interaction
– Railway Track Maintenance Management Systems
– Dynamics of Railway Track
– Track Construction & Maintenance
– Track Safety
– Tunneling and Underground Stability Analysis
– Reliability of Track and Structures
– Structural Health Monitoring
– Seismic Analysis of Railway Structures
– New Concepts in Track Design
– Track Quality Measurement Systems
– Ground-born Vibration
– Railway Infrastructure, Superstructure and Maintenance
– Track Construction
– Construction Management
– Ladder Tracks
– Magnetic Levitation Tracks
– Railway Bridges, Design and Maintainance
– New Technologies in Welding

3) Railway Transportation
– Railway Management System
– Intelligent Control Systems
– Railway Construction Planning
– Train Scheduling & Planning
– Railway Transportation Demand Analysis
– Railway Transportation Economics
– Data Mining in Railway Transportation
– Network Modeling and Optimization
– Freight Transportation and Logistics
– Transportation Systems and Policy
– Intermodal Transportation
– Restructuring of Railways
– Human Resources Management
– Railway Risk Analysis
– HSE in Railway Construction and Engineering
– Safety Management Systems

4) Railway Electrification and Signaling
– Traction Motors
– Traction Motor Control
– Railway Electrification
– Traction Power System Stability
– Traction Power System Reliability
– Power Quality Analysis of Traction Supply Systems
– Railway Signaling Systems
– Traction Supply Systems Analysis
– Electrical Drivers
– Traction Technologies
– Automation of Railway Systems
– Railway Control Systems
– Automatic Traffic Control
– Traffic Modelling and Simulation
– Renewable Energy Technologies in Electric Railway System

5) Urban Railway Systems
– Planning and Urban Integration
– Light Rail Transit
– Monorail Systems
– Subway Tunneling
– Subway Track Design and Optimization
– Deep mines, stability and safety during mining
– Underground Structures
– Geodynamics Aspects
– Maintenance on Subway Construction
– Seismic Design of Subway Structures
– Passenger interface systems
– Decision support systems
– Computer techniques
– Driverless operations
– Advanced train control
– Dynamic train regulations
– Timetable planning
– Operations quality
– Subway Communication Systems
– Energy management in Subway Systems
– Power Supply in Subway Systems

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